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Deaf Ears at Village Hall

Hi everyone,
 I am just wondering why Carpentersville, can`t seem to find the time to monitor and cite those who are in flagrant disregard of village ordinances?

 So many vehicles have NO city stickers. Most have none.. and the ones I can see from just driving by, are still PINK.. how is that not noticeable? I have sent letters, contacted board members.. only four people connected with village issues have responded to any of my emails. I voted for Ed.. he has NEVER once replied to any of my emails..regarding city issues.

 Why have an email address accessible to the residents if no replies will be sent? I find it very sad that with the village in such financial disrepair, the streets in horrible condition, that the revenue generated by city stickers is not enforced. I have lived here for over 20 years.

 This town WAS a nice place to live. Not so anymore. When the first thing  you encounter on Helm and 25 is an obstacle course to avoid potholes,  it is not a good “ plus“ for moving here. So many homes with obvious code violations and nothing is done. These issues have been noticeable from the street. I get no response from the village..none.. Just a shame..  a real shame.

I also have had a not so friendly neighbor for about 15 years now. HIS tree has now grown up to my fence.. he refuses to do anything about it. Any ideas? We have huge trees here, and to me, he needs to take care of it. I have a chain link fence and this tree will also block access to my back yard. It is within inches of touching MY gutter on my garage.. if anybody has any ideas.. please contact me. I do not want any more issues with this person, but for 15 years I have raked and raked, cleaned up branches.. etc, all the while this tree gets bigger and bigger. It is now ready to do damage to my actual property, IE fence and garage gutter.

 Help.. if you know of a solution.. thanks..

Harley Chick


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