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Sarto Lies about the Capital Improvement program

In response to Bill Sarto’s blatant Lie, We thought we’d tell people the truth about how and when the Capital Improvement Program began.

bill sarto face book

Sarto’s Lie as posted in the Daily Herald

posted by Bill Sarto on Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:59 PM

RCG a.k.a. Richard Grass-

For your information the Main Street Bridge was rebuilt while I was the Village President. The Engineering on that project won the Village an award. The Engineer at the time was our current Village Engineer, Scott Marquardt. If you’d like proof, stop by Village Hall and in the outer office of the Village Manager is the award that the Village won.

Can you tell me what part Paul Humpfer played in the finances of the Village? Trustees Sigwalt and Humpfer were on the Village board prior to me and there was NO Capital Improvement Program until 2006. That happened after I was elected. It was a campaign promise that I had made and kept, unlike the promises made two years ago by both Humpfer and Sigwalt that were never kept. I have kept all of the promises I made during the campaign of 2005.

See, that’s the big difference between the majority on the board and myself. I keep my word and produce real results. They are all talk with nothing else to back them up. The results have come since my election. Why didn’t the board previous to my election fix the streets and infrastructure? Why did it take my election to get results?

Village Board Minutes on 11-16-2004 Discussing the TCIP (Transportation Capital Improvement Plan)

Below are the actual documents that were being circulated in December of 2004 concerning the TCIP.





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King Sarto is delusional and believes everyone, including the Republican Party is out to get him!

Seek help Carpentersville Village President Bill Sarto, before you hurt someone or yourself.

Over at the Daily Herald blog site, our beloved King Sarto has pointed out that he knows everyone of those anonymous posters, who he perceives as his enemy.

Our King has now accused Pat Schultz as being the anonymous poster by the name of “Old Towner.” He also accuses her of attacking not only himself, but he also implies that Pat Schultz has attacked Public Works Director Bob Cole’s visions for a new public works building.

Go to the link provided and see how our beloved King, who acts like someone who may suffer from grand illusions of greatness and of course paranioa. Is this due to dementia, alcohol or just a mental illness in it’s later stages?


Here’s Pat Schultz e-mail that I was able get, which explains Pat Schultz side of the story. This includes parts of the discussion on the Daily Herald blog.

Just to clarify. I received a call last night asking if I looked at this article in the DH and all it’s comments. I hadn’t so I went out there and apparently Bill has me confused with someone who hides behind the name “Old Towner.” I have only posted once in a paper in response to an article and that was the article about Bonnie Lipprandt. You may be able to research and find it. Sorry to disappoint Bill but I used my real name. Always do.

I will let Danny Wozniak know he was referred to as an Old Time Republican. I’m sure he would say thank you. As for the other gentleman who spoke, sorry again, but I don’t know who that was.
But I did recognize him as an unhappy resident as many of them are.


I would hope that you would know that I would never say those things about the Public Works Building and if I have some concern I would call you or catch you after a meeting when we have talked before. And if you still have any doubt you know you can call me,

By the way, thank you for taking care of the overhang on Wisconsin Street and alerting Jack to the potholes. I will be sure to go down to the residents and let them know you took care of it and so quickly.

The comments that Bill wrote are below. Judge for yourselves. And again feel free to contact me. I do wish that person would at least say it’s not me even if they want to remain anonymous. But it is so easy to hide behind computers.

I know you are all so busy as I am and all I can ever do is sigh and keep going. It takes the patience of Job.

Continue with these public displays if you wish, Bill, but I will not respond to either you or that paper over these comments outside of this email. That article is not from today, so how long do they allow those comments to keep going? By the way, at the time those comments were posted I was at work and we are not allowed to surf unless we are at lunch and I don’t take lunches at 2 pm when I leave at 4.

Best Regards,

Pat Schultz and yes, I’m one of many that live in Old Town.

posted by Old Towner on Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:01 PM

Bill, I guess the lady that spoke last night was right when she said that you need HELP!
This isn’t about Republicans, Paul Humpfer or anything else other than you.
You seem intent on avoiding the issue. At last night’s meeting the same lady said that you told Bob Cole “to just throw it on the ground”. He instead kept it till the next morning, when he gave it to the village manager.
What happened with it from there is still in question. What is obvious is that you are good at avoiding questions (supoena) when it might require telling the TRUTH!
Anyone that has either seen you at board meetings, read blogs, seen you on you tube or met you in person know YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF REALITY!
You dont have carpentersville in your best interest,only your own,that is why you constantly bring politics into the picture,yet you always state “it’s not political” B S Bill.
We old timers are not stupid.We are not happy with your ideas.We dont need a new public works facility, we need more street and sewer repairs, storm water management,etc.,not purchasing of overpriced,worthless property.
Oh, by the way, whayever happend about the “GREEN OOZE”. Hope you remember that(NOT) .

http://my.dailyherald.com/comment/report_abuse/?story=231427&comment=127476Report Abuse

posted by Bill Sarto on Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:10 PM

Welcome: Pat Schultz-
For those who don’t know Pat Schultz, she is a Republican Precinct Committeeperson from Old Town. Of course this isn’t about politics is it Pat?
We don’t need a Public Works Facility? Now that proves you have NO common sense or any sense of what is best for our Village. Last night’s public comments were a joke. You guys even brought out some of the really old time Republicans from Carpentersville to harp about the Village and give “fake praise” to the “volunteers” who are cutting the grass one house at a time. That was the same stratagy that has failed this Village for decades. That was how the streets/neighborhoods were neglected during those previous 40 years of Republican run administrations. You don’t have a clue as to what this Village needs. Your so called solutions are just more of the same bad thinking that has gotten Carpentersville into the mess it was in when I was elected. Pat you and your bunch have NO VISION. It truly is the blind leading the blind.
So, you think it’s “ok” to leave millions of dollars of Public Works equipment sitting outside, which only shortens the life of that equipment. Pat, please don’t think, it hurts the team.

http://my.dailyherald.com/comment/report_abuse/?story=231427&comment=127674Report Abuse

posted by Old Towner on Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:54 PM

Ha Ha Ha I Know you have no clue.
As was said before ……LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE !
Answer the question.

http://my.dailyherald.com/comment/report_abuse/?story=231427&comment=127735Report Abuse

posted by Bill Sarto on Wed Sep 03, 2008 3:14 PM

I don’t know what happened to the subpoena. You told me that the Village Manager had it. Pat, why would I lie about this. What’s the BIG deal. All this is another attempt to draw out the inevitable. So, I testify to the FACT that I have no relationship with Judge Hallock and have had no contact with him, then what happens, does Humpfer finally go to jail? I wouldn’t hold my breath. Not is this County.

If Humpfer and his attorney are so eager to get me into court why wasn’t I served last night at the Village board meeting or before or after. So where is the lie? I have NOTHING to hide. I would be pleased to share the TRUTH with the court. But, first, I must be served. Do you think they can do that the right way? I don’t.

Have a good day Pat.

posted by Old Towner on Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:58 PM

bill, can you tell us where the paper is?

http://my.dailyherald.com/comment/report_abuse/?story=231427&comment=127948Report Abuse

posted by Bill Sarto on Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:02 PM

Old Towner– a.k.a. Pat Schultz,

I thought YOU knew where the paper is. Read your own posted comment. Have you forgot that Manager Anderson has it. At least that’s what you commented. I have no idea where it is. You seem to know more about this than I do. Perhaps that’s because I don’t really care where the paper is. Why don’t you ask the “process server” what he did with it, if he truly was a process server. I have my doubts. A real process server would not have left a subponea on anyone’s car. That is NOT proper service. Ask anyone who knows, they will tell you. I hope he didn’t bill Humpfer for this shoddy work. Even Humpfer deserves better than that.


Well, there you have it, just the facts. We have nut running our Village, who wants to post on blogs at all hours, like his favorite hours of 1am, 2am and 3am, no wonder he sounds so incoherent, he’s sleep deprived.

Just a warning King Sarto, watch out for those squirells!

Just my thoughts,

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Public Works Director Bob Cole grabs and destroys subpoena that was served to King Sarto!

Carpentersville Public Works Director Bob Cole had “no comment” to his alleged actions at last Tuesday night, prior and after of the Village Board Meeting.

After the Village Board Meeting, both King Sarto and Public Works Director Bob Cole walked out together to King Sarto’s vehicle. Then, which many of us find quite queer, Mr. Cole decided to take the subpoena that was served to Mr. Sarto [which he refused to accept and the process server left the subpoena under his wiperblade on the windshield] and took the subpoena with him, with out giving it to Mr. Sarto. Hmmmmm, where that subpoena went, is the REAL MYSTERY!

Did King Sarto ordered Public Works Director Bob Cole to take that subpoena and hide and/or destroy it?

I’m sure both Bob Cole and Bill Sarto will get their stories straighten out by the end of the holiday.

But, can we blame Public Works Director Bob Cole of being a personal maid to King Sarto? After all, King Sarto has already purchased a over-priced piece of property, so he can build a overpriced Public Works Building on the old Tamarac property.

Is this a new conspiracy, which now includes staff? Shall we call it the new…WATERGATE? This should be a appropriate name, since our village wants to raise our water bills, faster than the rate of inflation. But, if you think that our tax rate is going through the roof, just wait and see how fast our tax rate will go up, when Public Works Director Bob Cole gets his shiny new multi-million dollar Public Works Building to make life easier for his employees. Who knows, King Sarto might throw in a new ICEMAKER MACHINE for the shiny new building. After all, some of us remember the ICEMAKER MACHINE fiasco, during the Boettger regime.

So Bob, what happened with the subpoena, did it land on your desk, garbage can or back on Sarto’s desk?

Just my thoughts,


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King Sarto aka Tax & Spend

King Sarto now wants to “tax and spend” us into prosperity, really no kidding. At his re-election blog he says that with his plan, we’ll pay no or little property taxes like, Rosemont and Schaumburg in the future. Sure and we’ll have our streets paved in gold and will have a new multi-million dollar Public Works building. On top of that, he proposes to detach Carpentersville from the Dundee Township Park District and form a new layer of bureaucracy in Carpentersville! According to King Sarto, he can not only do it cheaper, but better!

Now listen up boys and girls, it’s time to open our wallets, purses and piggy banks and hand over that hard-earned money and hand it over to King Sarto and his vision of the future. You see folks, Sarto says that it shouldn’t be considered a tax…nope, he calls it, “investing.” If we just follow his scheme, we all can look forward to no or little property taxes, like the families who live in Rosemont and Schaumburg.

Let’s see boys and girls, Carpentersville has the third highest tax rate in Kane County. Right now, we have to take out Bonds [which have to be repaid through property taxes] and King Sarto wants to build a shiny new building with all the bells and whistles [many millions of dollars] and he wants Carpentersville to split from Dundee Township Park District and form another layer of bueaucracy

Go to King Sarto’s re-election blog www.carpentersville.wordpress.com for his latest brainstorming spending idea. There you’ll see his political buddy and Algonguin resident, Dave “campaign sign stealer” Reece, gushing with praise over the investment that King Sarto wants to do for Carpentersville

Just my thoughts,


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Sarto and his thugs, will be revealed in this hard hitting expose of the tactics and bullying of trustees and residents alike.

You won’t want to miss this, as it will delve deep into the minds of deranged individuals. These thugs will do anything to scare, intimidate and harrass anyone who dares cross their path, including the families of those associated with them.


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Village Attorney: Sarto’s wrong

Here we go again, Sarto and his ill willed followers have sacrificed the Village of Carpentersville and it’s residents by not participating in their sworn duties on the Audit and Finance committee even after the Village attorney had sent out a memorandum stating that Sarto does not have the authority alone to remove a trustee from the board. In Addition, Sarto has no legal experience to declare anything.


Barsanti said”. “He added any resident also could request quo warranto proceedings, often used to determine whether an official is validly elected or wrongfully exercising powers beyond his or her authority, to determine whether Sarto had the right to declare Humpfer’s seat vacant.”

So Sarto, and appointees Sherry Dobson, Michael Sievertson and Nathan Spain were absent, disrupting Village business. It’ ashame that these appointed Committee people did not have enough common sense to follow the law instead of following Sarto’s direction.


Now it appears that there will be a show down at the next Board meeting to finally stifle the Village Idiot and his clones. The next thing we need to do is elect a new President next spring and replace Sherry Dobson, Michael Sievertson and Nathan Spain positions with responsible and commited members.

I would suggest a Resident take up Barsanti’s suggestion to request quo warranto proceedings to determine whether Sarto is wrongfully exercising powers beyond his authority, and to determine whether Sarto had the right to declare Humpfer’s seat vacant.

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Are Sarto’s powers being reined in?

Some say that Carpentersville residents want Humpfer off the Board, But really the statistics aren’t there and except for one resistive Article in the Courier there has been little call by the residents. I think most of this is because nobody believes the Judge in this case, just like the OJ Simpsons nobody believed that out come either.

I certainly believe that in any case nobody wants Sarto to pick any Trustee too be placed on the Board.  We already have one “yes trustee” which everyone knows as Sliwinski, and that’s more than enough of the “Sarto clowns”.

Speaking of clowns, I don’t think Carpentersville residents appreciate the way things transpired after last years Inauguration. We had a little back room quarterbacking going on…………….

“Ringmaster Sarto and his mudslinging clowns!”

Proposal to rein in Carpentesville president’s power
By Larissa Chinwah | Daily Herald Staff
Published: 3/15/2008 12:32 AM

Carpentersville trustees want to scale back the village president’s powers, claiming his efforts this week in seeking a trustee’s removal were an abuse of power.

Trustee Judy Sigwalt will present a resolution Tuesday that would prevent Village President Bill Sarto from acting on the behalf of the board, initiating investigations and using village resources without prior consent from the village board.

“We want to make him stop so we can get on with village business,” Sigwalt said. “We need to stop Sarto from expending money on a witch hunt that has been going on for three years since Paul (Humpfer) was first appointed to the village board.”

Earlier this week, Sarto asked both Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to step in and remove Trustee Paul Humpfer from the board.

Sarto asked the state’s attorney and the attorney general to begin quo warranto proceedings, an action that establishes the legitimacy of an officeholder.

The move came days after Humpfer was convicted on four counts of misdemeanor domestic battery for hitting his wife with a baseball bat.

Village attorney James Rhodes drafted the letters, which both offices confirmed they had received.

Rhodes did not return calls seeking comment.

But Sarto said the board does not have the right to adopt such provisions.

“My greatest concern here is that they are trying to limit my rights not only as president but as a citizen to inquire about anything,” Sarto said. “It is a tempest in a teapot. I am not too concerned. It’s a resolution, not an ordinance.”

In addition, Trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski called the resolution “comical.”

“It is just Judy being childish,” Ramirez-Sliwinski said. “When Judy doesn’t like the rules she tries to change them.”

Other trustees, though, say they support the measure.

Trustees Ed Ritter and Kay Teeter asked for the measure’s inclusion on Tuesday’s village board agenda.

“It allows the board to become involved with the matter at hand,” Hinz said.

Teeter also said the resolution is needed to rein in the mayor.

“Yes, I support it, but it is just very irritating that we have to go through this because someone is abusing their power,” Teeter said. “There were less than 24 hours after the verdict before he declared the seat vacant. He didn’t care what we thought or had to say.”

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Well, isn’t this nice? A Carpentersville Trustee praises President of Mexico!

Daily Herald
Varying levels of welcome for Mexican president
By Emily Krone | Daily Herald Staff


Published: 2/13/2008 12:17 AM

The suburban reaction to Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s stopover Tuesday in Chicago was as mixed as his reputation in his own country.

Calderon, who won a disputed election in 2006, continued his first presidential visit to the United States by meeting with local politicians and immigration rights activists, including some from the suburbs.

Carpentersville Trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski scored a personal invitation from the Mexican Consulate to meet Calderon. She has led opposition to the proposed crackdown on Carpentersville employers and landlords who hire or rent to illegal immigrants.

“The people were excited to see him and liked what he had to say,” Ramirez-Sliwinski said. “He said the U.S. and Mexico need to work together … . It’s not a local government issue, and unless the two federal governments work together, they’re never going to have any successes.”

Others blasted Calderon for meddling in the affairs of another nation while poverty at home forces workers across the border.

“I just think that as a sovereign nation, we shouldn’t be putting up with this,” said David Gorak, executive director of the Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration. “What is he doing running around here? He should stay home and make his own country work for his own people.”

Jim Richardson, of the Fox Valley Minuteman Project, called Calderon a “very divisive man.”

“He wants the illegal immigration ingrained in,” Richardson said. “He wants to take advantage of the generosity of people in the Fox Valley and the state of Illinois.”

Calderon met with Chicago and state officials, but increasingly, the suburbs have become flash points of the immigration debate.

Elgin last month joined a growing list of suburban communities rolling out plans to combat illegal immigration.

Hispanic immigrants there are gripped by fear, said Jaime Garcia, interim executive director of Centro de Informacion in Elgin.

A visit by a head of state won’t do much to alleviate those fears, Garcia said.

“In the streets of Elgin, is his visit going to do anything? Certainly it’s not going to have any type of effect on what happens on city council,” Garcia said. “If he did try to suggest something or do anything to intervene, that just gives them more fuel for the fire.”

I know Sliwinski’s father came here as an Illegal Alien to make a better life for his family, but it was Illegal to do it. Now Sliwinski and the President of Mexico want our policies changed to make it easier to do exactly what had happened under the Reagan administration and give all the law breakers a break.I think we are all suffering from the Reagan give away. People who were given amnesty still don’t appreciate American values and don’t find the need to assimilate, then ask for things to be printed in Spanish, TV networks in their own Language, Stores set up exclusively to cater to themselves.

Citizenship must be earned and not given away. To be an American is a privilege and not a right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If both were serious about the problem that brought both of them here to speak about Immigration they would in deed fix the real problem, Now!

Not the band aid approach Sliwinski and Calderon want to give the patient and the patient being “Illegal Immigration”. They need to find a cure for the patient .Create an atmosphere of Community, Gainful Employment, Fair Income, Corrupt free politics, Justice and Pride in Mexico. That should be the concentration of the native Mexican people to fix Mexico make it the place everyone wants to be.

So now we have native Mexicans leaving their homeland instead of staying where they are needed. These ambitious people are the one’s that are needed to make Mexico politically and a socially stable Country.

Instead they are here in the USA, not working for their own Country, but to make it easier for their citizens to vacate their homeland and come to a Foreign land and demand rights.

What’s wrong with this picture, don’t people Like Sliwinski and Calderon have any Patriotism for their Homeland.

What would our President do if we had a mass exodus of people to another country would our President and Congress try to fix the root cause of the problem or would they go to the Foreign land and tell that country to give the incoming Americans citizenship.

I think the American government would be embarrassed to do what Calderon is doing, but then again we are proud Americans, evidently they are not so proud Mexicans.

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