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Socialite Denise Rich gives up U.S. citizenship

Socialite Denise Rich, whose ex-husband Marc Rich received a controversial presidential pardon from Bill Clinton, has renounced her U.S. citizenship — a move that would help her avoid the tax man here.

While 68-year-old Rich was born in Worcester, Mass., she was able to get her Austrian citizenship through her late father, Reuters reported Monday.

Rich’s spokeswoman confirmed she made the switch last November.

“In order to be closer to her longtime life partner, as well as her family and loved ones, she made the decision to become an Austrian citizen,” spokeswoman Judy Smith told the Wall Street Journal.

Rich, whose wealth comes in part to a lucrative songwriting career, could save tens of millions of dollars or more in U.S. taxes, Reuters said.

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Beware the Zombies!

Yes Richard, beware the Zombies!


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