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Gay Activists Coerced Her Son to speak to Bachman

Here a sick and twisted Gay person coerces Her son to confront Michelle Bachman! ” My Mommy Doesn’t need to be fixed” But she does need a Mental examination for using Her child to Voice The Mother’s political opinion

cutlerkramper says on Youtube,

“I disagree with Michelle Bachmann whole heartedly, but from what the video shows, it does not appear that SHE was the one trying to get a photo-op. You were trying to get some publicity for your cause. You took him up there, coaxed him to say what he said when he was clearly uncomfortable. You posted the video. I’m sure he does feel what he said, but he didn’t seem like he wanted to be used in a political statement. Way to prove MB’s point. Nice job giving her more fodder for her cause.”


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More stuff on the killer.


We at Carpentersville Playhouse is being bombarded with so much information and rumors, it might take some time and effort to display here on this page.

Here’s a link where when one of Mellissa friends says that Mellissa had two abortions in a year.


Also, we understand that Jacki Humpfer has been suspended from the daycare center, after questioning from Licolnshire police. Crystal, who’s Mellissa’s sister has supposedly has stopped working for the same daycare center.

As a side note, Mellissa will appear in front of a Judge tomorrow at the Lake County Courthouse  on Thurday.


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