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The Debate goes on, Who should Fund “Dial a ride”?

In this ‘time of economic crisis” the responsible thing for governments to
do is to be as efficient as possible with taxpayer dollars because
taxpayers, after all, are the source of income for all these services.  The
dial-a-ride program is needed by residents, but why should we have a line
item in the budgets of Carpentersville, East Dundee, West Dundee, Sleepy
Hollow etc, when only one line item is needed for the dial-a-ride service?
This practice simply makes it appear that the cost is less than what it
really is.  Why does Dundee Township have a line item for the Salvation
Army, FISH and other not for profits?  Could the township not use this
money to be more efficient in its fiduciary responsibility?

The Illinois Compiled statutes for Township government (Chapter 60)
indicate a Township may provide transportation services to senior citizens
(Chapter 60, article 220).  Several years ago, the Park District solely
provided the dial-a-ride service needed for senior citizens and people with
disabilities in the Township.  The Park District removed themselves from
providing the dial-a-ride service for liability purposes.  Dundee Township
picked up this service as afforded by statute and asked for financial
assistance from Carpentersville and other local governments to transition
the dial-a-ride program to Township responsibility and Carpentersville, in
an effort to transition this program to the Township, provided funding.

Currently, the Park District provides a donation to Dundee Township
specifically for the dial-a-ride program and this funding comes from a tax
levy on the residents of Carpentersville.  In addition, Carpentersville,
East Dundee, West Dundee, Sleepy Hollow and Dundee Township levy taxes on
residents and part of that levy is used for the dial-a-ride program.
Residents of Carpentersville are being taxed by three different
governmental bodies for the dial-a-ride program.

Carpentersville balances its budget each year, which is not the case with
Dundee Township (see pages 34 to 47 of their audited financial statements
at 2/29/08 PLEASE look at the column marked “Budget”).  The Carpentersville
2009/2010 budget was especially difficult to balance and to balance our
budget Carpentersville added no new programs and requested each department
to reduce their expenses to balance the budget.  Also affecting the
Carpentersville budget is debt payments for $20 million in bonds for
capital & infrastructure improvements to our streets, sidewalks, curbs,
sewer & water lines, and streetlights.  The debt service is approximate
$1.5 million annually, and Carpentersville absorbed the debt payment into
its budget without increasing the property tax rate on Carpentersville
residents.  Additionally, based on direction from Trustee Ed Ritter,
Carpentersville added another Police Officer, another Community Service
Officer (for the Police Department) and part time help to assist our Street
Department in street repairs and other needed services.  These “boots on
the street” are needed to provide additional public safety to our
residents.  (As a side note, Sarto voted “No” to adding new police

Aside from Dundee Township’s unbalanced budget, Dundee Township holds
almost $6 million in cash at 2/29/08; see page 16 of their 2/29/08 audited
financial statements.  Further, the Town Fund, from where the dial-a-ride
program appears to be operated, generated over $178,000 in excess revenues
received over expenditures disbursed, see page 19 of their 2/29/08 audited
financial statements.  (The Town Fund appears to be where the dial-a-ride
program is operated, see page 35 of their 2/29/08 audited financial
statements.)  [NOTE: Dundee Township Financial Statements recently became
available after, I am told, a FOIA was made requesting their audited
financial statements.  I am also told the individual requesting the
information had to pay to receive their audited financial statements.]

Carpentersville public safety professionals provide services to Dundee
Township residents at times, but Carpentersville does not request or ask
Dundee Township for contributions for these services.

Paul Humpfer


Trustees in Carpentersville seem to think that the township is “triple-dipping” because of mismanagement, said Village President Bill Sarto, one of the members to approve the contribution. Trustees who voted it down said the program should be funded by the township and not the villages.
“Let us start with the fact that neighboring Algonquin Township provides a bus service for Seniors and the disabled with ALL the money coming from the Township tax levy! Check some of the other Townships!!”

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