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City responds to the Courier on Illegal Immigration Issues



  Illegals series to start Friday

December 6, 2007,3_1_EL06_A1ILLEGALS_S1.article 


Good Morning
Sunday, December 16, 2007

Council fails to impress Elgin’s AFLA

After reading city council members’ responses to their call for stricter anti-illegal immigration measures, the co-directors of the local Association for Legal Americans are, in a word, disappointed.



ELGIN — More than 2,000 residents have shown support for some anti-illegal immigration ordinances that a local group is asking city officials to impose, according to the group’s founders.

Doug Heaton and David White, co-directors of the Association for Legal Americans, have drafted seven measures they want implemented and enforced. They have solicited support from residents through petitions.

The Courier News has asked Mayor Ed Schock and the city’s six councilmen to respond to the proposed ordinances and, starting Friday, will publish their comments, edited only for style.

The days of publication and the seven measures as drafted by Heaton and White are:

Friday: “The city of Elgin will not do business with anyone who hires illegal aliens.”

Saturday: “Social Security card verifications should be made everywhere it’s legal. Thousands of illegal aliens are here using stolen identities.”

Sunday: “English should be Elgin’s official language.”

Monday: “Elgin police must apply for a CAP (Criminal Alien Program) officer on a permanent basis to identify criminal aliens incarcerated who are subject to deportation.”

Tuesday: “City ordinance (is needed) to tow and fine for no vehicle liability insurance.”

Wednesday: “We need Elgin police to apply for immigration training through the 287(g) program. This training gives our police officers the power of federal immigration agents.”

Thursday, Dec. 13: “We need immigration screening of all persons booked in the Elgin city jail and (to) keep records of how many illegal aliens are arrested each month.”

Beginning Friday, visit The Courier News online at for the chance to voice your support or opposition to the measures discussed in this series.,3_1_EL07_A1ILLEGALS_S1.article

Illegal Immigration
Members of the Elgin City Council respond
Beginning Friday, Dec. 7, Elgin City Council members respond individually to seven proposals by the Association for Legal Americans to crack down on illegal immigration locally. The Courier News will post the responses of each councilman to one proposal daily through Dec. 13. Readers may sound off on whether or not they agree with the day’s issue via a poll that will run alongside the council responses.

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Sarto’s Veto overturned


Board rejects Sarto’s veto

December 5, 2007

CARPENTERSVILLE — The police department will continue to sell old handguns to federally licensed dealers, rather than destroy them, as suggested by some trustees.

The board revisited the gun issue Tuesday night after Village President Bill Sarto exercised his veto authority two weeks ago, overruling the original 4-3 vote that favored selling the guns to a dealer for $3,000.

“Frankly, I cannot put a price tag on anyone’s life,” Sarto wrote in his veto message — his first since his term began in 2005.

“When people break into a person’s home, generally they look for a few things: cash, obviously, jewelry, things that can easily be pawned off, and guns,” Sarto said before Tuesday night’s meeting. “Even if a law-abiding citizen would purchase these weapons, they could unwillingly end up in the hands of the wrong people.”

The board voted 5-1 Tuesday night, overriding Sarto’s veto. Sarto did not vote because he previously exercised his veto authority.

Trustee Keith Hinz originally voted against selling the guns, but changed his vote Tuesday night, with the thinking that the guns could be sold to benefit other police departments and municipalities.

Of the 30 guns the department wants to unstock, 24 are handguns.

The department historically has sold the guns to federally licensed firearm dealers who specialize in police equipment, according to a report from Police Chief David Neumann.

Trustee Kay Teeter, who comes from a family of hunters and has a brother who hunts with a pistol, voted to continue selling the guns to a licensed dealer.

“There’s never been any problem … there’s no real reason not to do what we’ve done in the past,” Teeter said before the meeting. “People don’t just do bad things with guns.”

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Public interest is growing in Elgin, on Illegal Immigration Issues

Elgin readies its answers to

 AFLA on immigration,3_1_EL30_A1IMMIGRATION_S1.article

November 30, 2007

ELGIN — As two local men continue to seek support from residents in their campaign for the implementation and enforcement of anti-illegal immigration ordinances, city officials prepare to give their positions on those measures.

Beginning next week, The Courier News will publish seven stories on seven consecutive days that address the ordinances which the Association For Legal Americans, founded recently by Doug Heaton and David White, is asking city government to draft and enforce.

These stories will include responses from Mayor Ed Schock and the city’s six council members, edited only for style.

The Courier News asked city officials on Nov. 16 to consider the seven measures and draft their responses.

The days of publication and the seven measures as drafted by Heaton and White are:
Friday, Dec. 7: “The City of Elgin will not do business with anyone who hires illegal aliens.”
Saturday, Dec. 8: “Social Security card verifications should be made everywhere it’s legal. Thousands of illegal aliens are here using stolen identities.”
Sunday, Dec. 9: “English should be Elgin’s official language.”
Monday, Dec. 10: “Elgin police must apply for a CAP (Criminal Alien Program) officer on a permanent basis to identify criminal aliens incarcerated who are subject to deportation.”
Tuesday, Dec. 11: “City ordinance (is needed) to tow and fine for no vehicle liability insurance.”
Wednesday, Dec 12.: “We need Elgin police to apply for immigration training through the 287(g) program. This training gives our police officers the power of federal immigration agents.”
Thursday, Dec. 13: “We need immigration screening of all persons booked in the Elgin city jail and (to) keep records of how many illegal aliens are arrested each month.”

White said more residents have shown interest in AFLA since the story about the group’s formation ran Sunday in The Courier News.

That day, “we had 156 e-mails, all positive. Right now, we’ve broken 2,000” signatures received, he said of the fliers he and Heaton have circulated.

As of Wednesday, the group had raised $800 in donations from residents, White said.

Other responses to the group’s campaign also have been quick in coming. At the most recent meeting of the Elgin City Council on Wednesday night, Elgin Latino Political Action Team chairman George Irizarry denounced AFLA’s seven proposed measures, calling several of them “offensive.” He said they portray “an unfriendly and unwelcome tone” that runs contrary to efforts of encouraging diversity throughout the community.

“These proposed ordinances create and foster contempt for immigrants and the general population who enjoy Elgin’s diversity,” he said. “If you recall, our neighbor to the north (Carpentersville) proposed similar ordinances, which sparked protest and disharmony among its residents who are now feeling the negative repercussions of such controversy.”

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Aunt Brenda’s gossip corner

Hello Carpentersville,

My column will usually report on the news that is not reported in the newspapers that you read. I will dig for information that will show the hypocracy of those into name calling and pointing their fingers at others for political gain.

It’s unfortunate that Carpentersville has had a long series of Village Presidents who are more worried about the next election, to elect their supposed allies, than the common good of it’s citizens. Or, they’re worried about their own necks in the upcoming election. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I’m talking about Bill Sarto.

Village President Bill Sarto and his sole ally trustee Linda Remariz Sliwinski are using Carpentersville for their leftwing ideologically partisan thinking to pander to the Hispanic population for support. These two characters have stooped to levels of mudslinging, that have never been seen in Carpentersville before. They apparently won’t be happy until the entire eastside of Carpentersville becomes a Hispanic Ghetto. So much for diversity, heh?

Both Mr. Sarto and Mrs. Sliwinski both point fingers and make accusations of bigotry and racism to anyone who stands against their continued attempts to make Carpentersville a SANCTUARY for illegal aliens who invade our country and DEMAND rights and privileges given to Americans. They even stoop as low as to personally attack and discredit their fellow trustees and yet they complain that the other trustees won’t work with them.

It’s so tragic and almost comical that I and others voted for Linda Rameriz Sliwinski. We never thought for one minute that she would concentrate more on organizations that exist outside of Carpentersville, then the betterment of the citizens of Carpentersville. She travels to California, for what? She went there to see how to communicate effectively with the Hispanic community…..hmmm. Didn’t she know how to already? This self-serving woman also loves to attend all these pro-illegal rallies throughout the Chicago area, where she loves to give speeches. These speeches are filled with hate and denounces all those who oppose the flooding of our communites with illegal aliens as BIGOTS and RACISTS!

Mrs. Sliwinski is more concerned about these pro-illegal organizations, than the well-being of the citizens of Carpentersville. Perhaps, her going to Mexico recently was in the best interest for what?

Trustee Linda Remariz Sliwinski, where are your loyalties? Are they with the illegal aliens who stretch our resources, burden our taxpayers, depress the wages of Americans, raise our crime rate and help make our schools fail academically. You need to wake up lady or maybe you want Carpentersville to become a Hispanic Ghetto? Why not Linda, you know all whites, except those with the same failed ideology b.s. are just BIGOTS and RACISTS!

My next column will get down and dirty about the foul tactics, being used by these two characters against their perceived enemies.

Just my thoughts,


The views expressed in articles published in” Aunt Brenda’s Gossip Corner ” Column are those of the author alone. They do not represent the views or opinions of Carpentersville’s Playhouse Web Blog.

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Elgin Group wants city to target ‘illegal aliens



Group wants city to target ‘illegal


November 25, 2007,3_1_EL25_A1IMMIGRATION_S1.article

ELGIN — Two local men are aiming a spotlight on what they consider a growing problem that must be addressed by city officials.

Elgin has become an attractive destination for illegal immigrants, and the city’s infrastructure is buckling under the influx of people, according to Doug Heaton and David White.

» Click to enlarge image

Doug Heaton (left) and David White are co-directors of the Association for Legal Americans.
(Shauna Bittle/STNG)

“This is the challenge to the elected leaders of Elgin,” Heaton said. “Reduce the 30 percent illegal alien population. Create deterrents against future illegal aliens. Foster assimilation.”

To that end, he and White have asked the city council to implement seven measures they say are legal under federal laws and will help reduce the number of illegal immigrants residing in the city.

“I think that’s what we’re trying to do, is set up a deterrent that (Elgin is) not a place to relocate,” Heaton said.

As drafted by the two men, the seven ordinances they want implemented are:
• “We need immigration screening of all persons booked in the Elgin city jail and keep records of how many illegal aliens are arrested each month.”
• “Social Security card verifications should be made everywhere it’s legal. Thousands of illegal aliens are here using stolen identities.”
• “We need Elgin police to apply for immigration training through the 287 (g) program. This training gives our police officers the power of Federal Immigration Agents.”
• “Elgin police must apply for a CAP (criminal alien program) officer on a permanent basis to identify criminal aliens incarcerated who are subject to deportation.”
• “City ordinance to tow and fine for no vehicle liability insurance.”
• “English should be Elgin’s official language.”
• “City of Elgin will not do business with anyone who hires illegal aliens.”

In an e-mail query sent Nov. 16, The Courier News asked Mayor Ed Schock and all city council members to respond to these seven suggestions. The newspaper will publish their answers in a future story, and also a more in-depth explanation of the seven points.

Petitions circulating

Heaton and White have formed an organization called the Association for Legal Americans. Their Web site,, went live a few weeks ago, and the two men have been collecting petitions from area residents.The postcard-size petition seeks volunteers to “build a strong base against illegal immigration,” and solicits donation money.

White, a retired businessman and lifelong Elgin resident, said they have received more than 1,000 responses so far.

“Over a period of time, I realized what the transition to Elgin’s look was, in respect to the culture and the way it was changing,” he said. “It was over a gradual period of time that I started getting involved and looking at the statistics and all of a sudden it just opened my eyes to what was going on in Elgin.”

What was going on, according to White, was a population increasing too fast for city services — including local hospital emergency rooms, schools and police — to handle.

“This country and this city cannot continue to take on this volume of people, and have the homeowner the one who has to pay,” he said.

Heaton, a 20-year Elgin resident and Elgin School District U46 Board member, said he and others have “compassion fatigue.”

“The problem’s just gotten so huge, you know. For years and years we’ve accommodated, and we don’t see anything but just a more vocal demand for things,” he said. “Compassion fatigue, I guess, is the best way to put it.”

For Heaton, this fatigue has set in over time. Protest marches in May 2006, in which immigrants across the country rallied in opposition to proposed federal legislation that would make it a felony to be in the United States illegally, set Heaton off.

“It just angered me,” he said. “I dug into facts and figures to try and figure out how we got here.”

Heaton began to research what local measures could be enforced because, he said, the federal government was not addressing the issue.

“The rubber meets the road here in Elgin where we have to take care of their health care, have to provide schools for them, we have to put up with the crowding issue,” Heaton said of those who have entered the country illegally.

Heaton said he lived in Peru for two years and speaks Spanish, and that “it’s really kind of hard to target Hispanics” because they are great people.

“But it doesn’t hide the fact that they’re here illegally. It’s a burden on our society that shouldn’t be there.”

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Carpentersville mayor vetoes gun sale

Is it wrong to sell the Surplus Guns to licensed Firearm Dealers, who in turn would sell the Guns to licensed Gun Buyers.

Statistics show most crimes committed with guns are from people who are not Licensed to carry a Gun?

 Carpentersville mayor vetoes gun sale

It’s not worth the danger, Sarto says

By Larissa Chinwah | Daily Herald Staff

Published: 11/22/2007 12:18 AM

Carpentersville Mayor Bill Sarto said Wednesday he will veto a board decision allowing the sale of surplus police department firearms.

Trustees on Tuesday voted 4-3 in favor of selling 30 guns to federally licensed firearms dealers, instead of destroying the weapons.

The firearm sales are expected to generate about $3,000 in revenue, village officials said.

The cache includes dozens of handguns, a rifle and a pair of shotguns.

But Sarto, who voted against the sale with trustees Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski and Keith Hinz, said selling the guns contradicts the village’s mission.

Trustees Paul Humpfer, Judy Sigwalt, Ed Ritter and Kay Teeter voted in favor of the sales.

“This violates our mission statement to protect the public interest and welfare of the residents,” Sarto said. “It runs counter to the mission of law enforcement, and that would be to serve and protect the welfare of the community.”

In a letter e-mailed Wednesday to trustees, the village manager and the police chief, Sarto listed reasons for overriding the board’s vote, specifically public safety.

“The $3,000 that the village would gain is not worth the risk of these weapons being used to injure or kill someone,” Sarto said. “Our police and the public at large deserve better support than the board demonstrated (Tuesday) night.”

Sarto has not overridden a board decision since taking office in May 2005.

Board members who favored the firearm sales said the village must take advantage of all revenue sources.

“In the history of handling the issue this way there have never been any problems,” Sigwalt said. “We are trying to do everything we can to keep taxes down and every little bit helps. It would be $3,000 we didn’t have before.”

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Carpentersville officials search for Tree vandals

Carpentersville officials search for tree vandals


By Larissa Chinwah | Daily Herald Staff

Published: 11/21/2007 12:19 AM

The latest spate of damage to village property has Carpentersville leaders asking why they bother doing positive things for the community.

Village Trustee Judy Sigwalt on Tuesday said in the past month, vandals have uprooted five newly planted crabapple trees in Carpenter Park, dumping the uprooted trees in nearby portable toilets.

Public works staff said they planned to file a police report following the most recent incident over the weekend.

“Over the years the board and staff have heard, ‘when are you going to fix our streets, beautify the town, improve our image?'” Sigwalt said. “The village works hard to improve the quality of life for residents. But we have evil, mean-spirited lowlifes just lying in wait to destroy it.”

Public Works Director Bob Cole said vandals removed five of the 30 trees the village planted during summer along the service road that runs through the park.

“We wanted to beautify the service road to make it look more like a path,” Cole said before the meeting.

The trees, which were donated by Platt Hill Nursery in Carpentersville, have since been replanted.

Each tree costs about $150, Cole said.

“The root ball was not put into the chemical pool of the Port-A-Potties,” Cole said. “Trees were put in the room that the Port-A-Potty is in.”

Village President Bill Sarto called the incidences aggravating and frustrating.

“You would think people would have pride in their community,” Sarto said prior to the meeting. “It is a shame that people cannot appreciate good things when they happen for the community.”

Police spokesman Cmdr. Michael Kilbourne said the police department has increased patrols in the area of the park, though there are no leads to an offender.

Vandals have hit the village particularly hard this summer, Cole said.

The tree displacement follows the demolition of the railings on the two footbridges over the creek that runs through the park.

On nine separate occasions, Cole said the railings have been kicked off, costing the village thousands of dollars to repair.

Cole estimated each replacement of the railings cost the village about $600 in manpower for three employees, plus another $200 in material costs, adding up to about $2,000 per incident.

In addition, Cole said vandals cut the wire to the village’s lighted holiday tree at Carpenter Boulevard and Spring Street last year, just days before Christmas.

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Carpentersville, again in the News!


Carpentersville is getting quite the name when it comes to Illegal Immigration and this time it’s not because of the local elected Officials.

This time around it’s actually the residents!  Have any of you been reading and listening to the news, you would have found a couple of people using fraudulent documents for their own personal gain and that is just recently.

Next we find out an Employee of an Employment agency that lives in Carpentersville was knowingly hiring Illegals to work at  O’Hare Airport.

If you watch the Headlines and Police reports of our Local Papers you will notice that the Residents are making the news!

 And not that I want to sound like a Shrink,    but how do you feel about that?

A question once was asked of Trustee Paul Humpfer by a businessman here in Carpentersville,  “Why are you trying to Polarize the Community?”

I think with the latest sequence of events, shows that the Residents are the ones polarizing the Community and have been for a long period of time.

The ones that follow and respect the Law, and there are those who believe the laws are not for them. 

Arrests target fake ID ring at O’Hare

Associated Press

Published: 11/8/2007 12:28 AM

Twenty-three illegal immigrants were arrested Wednesday after they were accused of using fake security badges to work in critical areas at O’Hare International Airport, including the tarmac, authorities said Wednesday.

The workers were all employed by Ideal Staffing Solutions Inc. of Bensenville and were contracted out to work for carriers that included United Airlines, KLM and Qantas, said Elissa A. Brown, special agent in charge for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office of investigations in Chicago.

The eight-month investigation, which involved federal, state and Chicago authorities, also resulted in the arrest of Ideal Staffing’s corporate secretary and office manager. Mary Gurin, 36, of Carpentersville and Norinye Benitez, 24, of Franklin Park were each charged with one federal count of harboring illegal aliens for gain and one federal count of misuse of Social Security numbers.

The workers face state criminal charges and deportation, Brown said.

“The investigation identifies a vulnerability that could compromise national security, while bringing criminal charges against individuals who built an illegal work force into their business practice,” Brown said at a news conference that included U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Cook County State’s Attorney Richard A. Devine and representatives of the Chicago aviation department, the Chicago Police Department and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The workers were being held in the Cook County jail, while Gurin and Benitez were scheduled for a preliminary appearance later Wednesday in U.S. District Court, Brown said.

Benitez is an illegal immigrant from Mexico and Gurin employed her and signed her airport badge application while knowing her illegal status, Brown said.

Much of the investigation centered on the airport security badges issued by the aviation department, Fitzgerald said. Agents found that 110 of the 134 badges issued to Ideal Staffing workers did not match the individuals who carried them, he said.

The discrepancies were first noted in March by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspector, Fitzgerald said.

“If we are to ensure public safety, we must know who has access to the secure areas of airports,” Fitzgerald said. “A fundamental component of airport safety is preventing the use of false identification badges and punishing those who commit or enable such violations.”

According to affidavits in a complaint against Gurin and Benitez unsealed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, the applications for the 110 bogus badges listed Social Security numbers that either did not exist or that belonged to other individuals, some of whom were deceased.

One affidavit from a temporary worker who cooperated with authorities said Benitez told him to look through a box containing some 20 airport security badges and to pick one with a picture that resembled his own face.

The affidavits allege that Ideal Staffing told workers they needed to have identification but the documents did not have to be legitimate, and also accused the company of supplying some workers with deactivated badges issued in other names.

Ideal Staffing officials did not return a telephone message left after business hours Wednesday by The Associated Press.

Brown, Fitzgerald and other officials declined to answer repeated questions about how workers could use deactivated badges to enter secure areas of the airport, saying the investigation was ongoing and not all details could be revealed.

Devine said his office has issued more than 100 arrest warrants in the case.

The workers arrested, 21 from Mexico and two from Guatemala, face a maximum sentence of three years in prison if convicted on the state charges, authorities said. If convicted on both federal charges, Gurin and Benitez could face total sentences of 15 years apiece.


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