Senator Noland gets caught stealing yard signs again!

Wouldn’t you think, after the Streamwood police explained the law and specifically warned Noland about removing Tim Elenz signs, he would’ve gotten the message? But no! The Senator seems to be an exceptionally slow learner.

Just yesterday, an Elgin resident caught the Senator himself placing Cary Collins and Joe Walsh signs in the back of his beat up old truck. When the resident asked him for an explanation, Noland claimed he was performing a public service by removing trash from the right-of-way. 

So now the always civic minded Noland is helping out the garbage collectors? When does this exemplary public official find the time to sleep?

Senator Noland knows damn well, under the new state law, you cannot touch another candidate’s signs for any reason. Even if they are illegally placed, you have to call that campaign and have them come out and remove it.

The really sad thing is, the Senator doesn’t seem to understand you’re supposed to have your lackeys steal signs under the cover of darkness – you’re not supposed to do it yourself in broad daylight.

Not only that, but three separate Elgin residents have complained about Noland signs magically appearing on their front lawns. I’m guessing the yard sign fairy is responsible.

This guy is a real piece of work!


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3 responses to “Senator Noland gets caught stealing yard signs again!

  1. carpentersville

    Geezes Richard, don’t you ever double-check aka fact check your stories? You get your news from whacko blogs and repeat the same shit here. Senator Noland does not need to steal any signs….he has your buddy Dave Reece to do that.

    Why don’t you do another story of how our President was born a Kenyan or Indonesian or whatever….

    Your partisan brain must be exploding with your horrible loss of Joe Walsh.


  2. RS

    Dave Reece is a hack and one day will get caught for all the sign stealing he does.

    Noland is a joke too. Why can’t the local Democrats find any legitimate candidates? Randy Hopp? Kevin Smith? Noland? Frank Inhoff? Dave Reece?

    The only good they ever did was Perez, Noverini, and Dalton. At least Republicans can respect them despite not agreeing with them

  3. Noland a joke? Ha, if that’s true why can’t Replicants find someone besides rightwing nutjobs?


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