Obama’s Nude pictures of His Mom

Hey Frank these Pictures aren’t photo shopped, Like Your Palin Pictures!







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3 responses to “Obama’s Nude pictures of His Mom

  1. carpentersville

    Hey Richard, these ain’t Obama’s mother pictures. These pictures have been making the rounds for the last couple of years in rightwing corners. You really need a reality check, but that would ruin your fantasies…

    No wonder Republicans hate those fact checkers, heh.


  2. Richard

    Ah……. How do You like it? This was a response to Your Photoshopped pictures of Palin.

    What’s a matter because gets Attention like Your Liberal Bullshit, Too bad Karma loves You!


  3. It’s not that I’m LIBERAL my rightwing friend, but how out of touch you are with reality.

    You said this was NOT photo-shopped.

    Now go back to your hate laden media and come up with more partisan garbage.

    Love you as always,

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