Romney built what? Who cares he’s rich right?


In other words, he’s a…….




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3 responses to “Romney built what? Who cares he’s rich right?

  1. Richard

    Define “Rich” Frank and then Tell me that Obama, Pelosi, Reid etc… aren’t Millionaires.

  2. carpentersville

    Richard…’s the difference.

    President Obama came from a somewhat poor background without a RICH sugar Daddy to help pave his way with a fortune in doe.

    Yep, sure is easy when you come from a wealthy family. Just ask Romney’s son who received 10 million dollars to open up his own company and this does not include the millions more that Romney’s buddies have funnelled to his son’s business. I guess you would call it being a self-made millionaire.


  3. Richard


    Obama from a poor background? You’ve been duped like a good little Democrat.

    Read this and tell me how unfortunate He was, Poor Obama what a Joke!

    “Let’s examine Obama’s economic background:

    His grandmother was a bank vice president, as of 1970. Quite an achievement for a woman in those times. Probably a relatively high-paying position, vice president of a bank. She also attended the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Washington, although it’s said she didn’t finish her degree. Even so, it was not the norm for poor women in 1940 to attend college.

    Obama’s grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham also attended the University of California, Berkeley. He may not have finished a degree and may have gone on the GI Bill, but that’s still two grandparents who attended college. Something out of the reach of most “poor folks” in the 1940s.

    Obama grew up in Honolulu, not a cheap city in which to live. His first listed address, 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, is in one of the wealthiest areas of Hawaii. That home was a nearly 2000 sq. ft. single family residence, with 5 bedrooms and 2 baths, a little over 10 years old at the time. Looks nice.


    The median rent in 2008 in Makiki was $1079 per month. Nice neighborhood. Hardly a ghetto. Although there are pockets of poverty, Obama did not live in those areas.

    The Punahou Circle apartment building on Beretania, where Obama lived during high school, is a high rise built in 1965, so also relatively new when Obama’s family moved in. They lived on the 10th floor of a 10-story building. A penthouse unit? There reportedly were only two bedrooms; it’s said they leased the condo. Although the building is listed as 10 stories, it looks more like 12:

    Nice view, I’ll bet!

    Before Obama’s grandparents and mother moved to Hawaii, his mother attended high school in a well-to-do suburb of Seattle–Mercer Island, circa 1960. Mercer Island remains one of the 100 richest zip codes in America. Boeing, for which Obama’s grandmother worked during WWII was a major reason for Mercer Island’s prosperity.”

    Read More at the link above.

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