Rightwing Patriotism

Richard once again plays the partisan card and calling LIBERALS flag burners. Well done my partisan friend!

We have many Americans [like the KKK, Minutemen and Tea Party] who loves to parade up and down streets waving the good ole RED, WHITE and BLUE to show how patriotic they are.

Yep Richard, everyone has a right to display any flag during our 4th of July according to your reasoning, but showing disrepect for our UNITED STATES of AMERICA by displaying a treasonous flag is ok? Oh and then you claim that LIBERALS burn AMERICAN flags and that’s obviously unpatriotic, heh?

Here we have NEO-NAZIs who love their AMERICAN flag, but wave their NAZI flag proudly alongside at the NEO-NAZI rally. Nothing racists about that, huh Richard? What’s more AMERICAN than that I say! Oh, well maybe it comes a close second to our patriotic Confederate flag….

You know these people vote Republicans:

So everyone fly your Confederate flag proudly and yell you ain’t no bigot! Yep, you’re just proud to be WHITE!


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One response to “Rightwing Patriotism

  1. carpentersville

    Wow Franky really got some perception problems don’t You? Love the stereo types. Pretty typical attacks similar to the Far Left extremists!


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