…and you wonder why people think the TEA PARTY is filled with BIGOTS

Las Cruces Tea Party Sets Off Controversy With Confederate Flag Display

Once again we have White Tea Party activists who prominently display the Confederate Flag at their parades and other events. This time at a 4th of July parade where the American flag is displayed to the side and the Confederate Flag is displayed prominently in the center.

La Cruses Mayor complained about the display as disrepectful to the people of New Mexico.


Displaying and/or flying a Confederate Flag is just plain stupid at a American Independence Day Parade! This treasonous flag [Confederate] had everything to do with breaking up the United States of America and slavery. This incident should never be repeated at any 4th of July celebration again.



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One response to “…and you wonder why people think the TEA PARTY is filled with BIGOTS

  1. carpentersville

    I take it, You’ve never been down south Frank. There are some Americans both Democrats and Republicans that Like their Confederate Flags it represents something they like and they don’t look at it like You do. Which is Your problem not theirs.

    Also the mayor and the Liberal Huffington post is in Lock step with Your comments since “You ALL” have the Democratic Brand on Your back side, No spinning here?

    Who’s really the racists. “Racism is behavior or beliefs motivated by racial stereotypes”

    Richard, the Non-Democrat

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