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The difference between Obama and Romney

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Socialite Denise Rich gives up U.S. citizenship

Socialite Denise Rich, whose ex-husband Marc Rich received a controversial presidential pardon from Bill Clinton, has renounced her U.S. citizenship — a move that would help her avoid the tax man here.

While 68-year-old Rich was born in Worcester, Mass., she was able to get her Austrian citizenship through her late father, Reuters reported Monday.

Rich’s spokeswoman confirmed she made the switch last November.

“In order to be closer to her longtime life partner, as well as her family and loved ones, she made the decision to become an Austrian citizen,” spokeswoman Judy Smith told the Wall Street Journal.

Rich, whose wealth comes in part to a lucrative songwriting career, could save tens of millions of dollars or more in U.S. taxes, Reuters said.

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Rightwing Patriotism

Richard once again plays the partisan card and calling LIBERALS flag burners. Well done my partisan friend!

We have many Americans [like the KKK, Minutemen and Tea Party] who loves to parade up and down streets waving the good ole RED, WHITE and BLUE to show how patriotic they are.

Yep Richard, everyone has a right to display any flag during our 4th of July according to your reasoning, but showing disrepect for our UNITED STATES of AMERICA by displaying a treasonous flag is ok? Oh and then you claim that LIBERALS burn AMERICAN flags and that’s obviously unpatriotic, heh?

Here we have NEO-NAZIs who love their AMERICAN flag, but wave their NAZI flag proudly alongside at the NEO-NAZI rally. Nothing racists about that, huh Richard? What’s more AMERICAN than that I say! Oh, well maybe it comes a close second to our patriotic Confederate flag….

You know these people vote Republicans:

So everyone fly your Confederate flag proudly and yell you ain’t no bigot! Yep, you’re just proud to be WHITE!

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…and you wonder why people think the TEA PARTY is filled with BIGOTS

Las Cruces Tea Party Sets Off Controversy With Confederate Flag Display

Once again we have White Tea Party activists who prominently display the Confederate Flag at their parades and other events. This time at a 4th of July parade where the American flag is displayed to the side and the Confederate Flag is displayed prominently in the center.

La Cruses Mayor complained about the display as disrepectful to the people of New Mexico.

Displaying and/or flying a Confederate Flag is just plain stupid at a American Independence Day Parade! This treasonous flag [Confederate] had everything to do with breaking up the United States of America and slavery. This incident should never be repeated at any 4th of July celebration again.


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Richard promoting bigotry.

Your last post is disgusting. For someone who likes to brag about his college education you really lack any sense of morality and ethics.


What I saw in your post was a bunch of rightwing Christian zealots who decided to incite a peaceful gathering of Muslims. These Christian outsiders came to Dearborn to instigate trouble with their racist’s views. They brought blowhorns and signs to condemn another religion.


Stoning Richard, really??? Young Muslim kids calling these so-called Christian adults pussies, is this the BIG NEWS you want to show everyone?


…and you’re trying to tie Obama’s slogan “change” to this event? My God Richard, trying to spread your religious intolerance is NOT what our founding Father’s had in mind for “Freedom of religion.”


The real threat to religious freedom in America is not from Muslims, but from rightwing Christian bigots who claim they’re followers of Jesus Christ.



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