GOP wants more government involvement!

The great lie of the Republican Party is that they want government out of our private lives! They have convinced their ignorant party base of uneducated rednecks [mostly southerners, but even some Yankees like Richard] that the GOP is fighting hard to restore individual rights to all Americans.

Heck, Rick Santorum is proclaiming that any woman who is raped and get’s impregnated has just been blessed by GOD!!!! You lucky bitches!!! Sorry Richard, if you get brutally raped you won’t receive the same lucky blessing as women do. Pretty unfair, heh?

Here we have a lucky women who may have won GOD’s lottery of being imregnated by a total stranger:

Thank GOD we have a party of middle-aged white men who know what’s best for all of us, especially women.






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2 responses to “GOP wants more government involvement!

  1. carpentersville

    Another play right out of the Democratic Play book, “The War On Women” which only the Men are talking about it, Like Frank!

    You Go Girl!


  2. It was the Republican Richard who wouldn’t let WOMEN testify in front of their committee about this contraceptive issue. All white middle-age men discussing a woman’s right to contraceptives through their Insurance carriers.

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, that’s right Richard, at least I have a clue about women’s health issues than you. It’s not a Democratic Play Book thinga, as you call it. It’s the availability of contraceptives to all women to prevent pregnancies and other health issues.

    Spin it anyway you want it Richard, but here’s the cold hard facts. 99% of ALL sexually active women have used birth control methods at one point in their lives.


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