RICHARD! The latest from Rasmussen Report!

Election 2012: The Core Four States

Obama Leads Romney, Santorum in Core Four States (FL, NC, OH, VA)
Richard only wants to skimm through shit without reading the whole story. I’m sure he rifles through all sorts of rightwing looney poop to try to reinforce his own beliefs that the earth is still flat, global warming is a hoax, that the RICH people on this planet will always have the best interests of the working class in their hearts, that homosexuality is a choice, churches [not mosques of course] should be able to circumvent local, state and federal laws AND that white middle aged men should control a woman’s reproductive system.


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6 responses to “RICHARD! The latest from Rasmussen Report!

  1. carpentersville

    Nothing Like skimming through the news to find the results that you needed to support your beliefs that Big Government should control every aspect of our Personal lives,. I know some people need the government for guidance and support because they’ve been enabled all of their lives osme form their parents and then some through Unions in any case. The Majority of Americans can live on their own without the Government subsidies.

    Here Today’s Polls,
    “For the fourth consecutive day, Mitt Romney leads President Obama in a hypothetical 2012 matchup. Today’s numbers show Romney attracting 46% of the vote, while Obama earns 43%. Matchup results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update).”


  2. The hypocricy Richard that’s coming from that hole of yours is truly treasured among rightwing nutjobs like yourself.

    YOU and your FAMILY have benefitted from the same Socialist Programs yesterday, today and tomorrow. Try denying that…..oh wait those programs are ok as long as YOU and YOUR immediate family are raking these government aka tax monies in.

    Thank goodness [or should I have said Thank GOD] that we have programs like Social Security, Medicare, COBRA and other programs such as those that take care of our spouses when they become totally disabled [ring a bell Richard?]


  3. carpentersville

    Yep that $500 dollars a month Helps with that $600 Health Insurance, HELL people on Public Aid make More than My wife. This just goes to show You that You aren’t very well informed.


  4. Yep that $500 dollars a month Helps with that $600 Health Insurance, HELL people on Public Aid make More than My wife. This just goes to show You that You aren’t very well informed.


    And your point Richard? According to you, you’re a blood sucking leech of my tax dollars! Maybe it’s time that you let nature [or is it GOD?] take it’s course. Forget accepting any monies from us hard working taxpayers and let your wife and yourself fend for yourselves.

    Learn to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and be independent!


  5. carpentersville

    All I can say Frank, Is F@#$ You. She had to work in Order to get what She gets Frank. She is unable to work and counts On ME not You Frank for assistance. Otherwise She’d be in section 8, housing with Food stamps and FREE shit all provided by the taxpayers.

    But She’s not, She gets a measly sum of money that doesn’t cover Her expenses, I do Fuck head. How would You like If your wife became Ill and had to count on SSI, You sure couldn’t cover Her needs!

    I don’t think Frank that You’ve ever been taught manners or Etiquette have You? You have to be one of the rudest People I know and still communicate with!


  6. Just as I thought Richard! Anyone who takes any assistance from the Government is a free-loader or lazy as per your words, but people like you who like to point fingers at others, claim they deserve every penny if not more from the Government.

    Yep Richard your hypocricy is dripping with every word you type.

    I got the exact answer I wanted, funny how you speak from both sides of your mouth. Sounds like some Republican candidates I know.



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