Republican’s War on Women

The Republicans have always [or at least they use to] tried to protect individual freedoms against GOVERNMENT INTRUSIONS into our private lives. No more, they want to [especially middle aged white men] control a woman’s vagina and her reproductive system. Yep, women should only have sex for reproductive reasons only!









The reason why Republicans will lose the Presidential election.

Fertilized egg is now recognized as a U.S. citizen? Heck, what about my sperm, don’t they have rights too? I guess any women now who has a fertilized egg in America regardless of citizenship is now considered an American citizen [the egg that is]? 


The Republican Party is now just a fuck up party of religious zealots. Yep, the Republican Party is trying to turn this country into something comparable to the country of Iran. YES! OR even Saudi Arabia where REAL MEN know how to treat sluts and prostitutes!




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