Gay Activists Coerced Her Son to speak to Bachman

Here a sick and twisted Gay person coerces Her son to confront Michelle Bachman! ” My Mommy Doesn’t need to be fixed” But she does need a Mental examination for using Her child to Voice The Mother’s political opinion

cutlerkramper says on Youtube,

“I disagree with Michelle Bachmann whole heartedly, but from what the video shows, it does not appear that SHE was the one trying to get a photo-op. You were trying to get some publicity for your cause. You took him up there, coaxed him to say what he said when he was clearly uncomfortable. You posted the video. I’m sure he does feel what he said, but he didn’t seem like he wanted to be used in a political statement. Way to prove MB’s point. Nice job giving her more fodder for her cause.”



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4 responses to “Gay Activists Coerced Her Son to speak to Bachman

  1. carpentersville

    I agree that children shouldn’t be used for political purposes by their parents. You can see the same thing with the pro-life Christian groups using their children to hold pictures of dead fetuses on street corners everywhere in the U.S.

    Shame on anyone who uses small children for political statements.


  2. carpentersville

    Wow ! We agree, I think?

    Like the Message that The Westboro Baptist Church put’s Out, they Use Children for Hate!


  3. Richard we agree on a lot of things, but when it comes to the economy, you and I are worlds apart.

    So what do you think about all that nice expensive equipment that Public Work’s Director Bob Cole is buying for his brand new Palace? I knew he would go for the premium stuff, as he wants to pamper his employees.


  4. carpentersville

    RCG :: Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:09 AM
    +1Thumbs Up

    “I’m Sorry, Rooney and Cole there’s an extravaganza going on with this public works facility. The sign itself had to cost $5000.00 and those Three flag Poles were in the Thousands, let alone all the concrete instead of black top, and don’t forget The retention pond that could be named as a Lake! Lake Tamarac of Carpentersville!

    Come On Administration, We have 38,000 people who live Here! You can’t fool Us all. And when You Try Rooney and Cole, You’re put on a list.

    The list of Full time employees who costs the people of Carpentersville, not only their Salaries, But There inefficiency of saving the taxpayer’s dollars.”

    There has been some editing since I’ve been chastised for not being grammatically correct, So What!


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