Herman Cain, using his small head.

Just leave it to those who speak against gay marriage as a destructive force for heterosexual marriages [that’s a marriage between a man and woman, just so you know Richard] and they go around and cheat on their wife. Just like Newt Gingrich did with his first two wives, but of course he asked for Jesus’s forgiveness and that makes it ok, right?




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2 responses to “Herman Cain, using his small head.

  1. All those links Richard is giving me a headache [the headache is in my big head].

    So, you protecting that womanizer or are you just pointing out that others have used their small head as well?

    Yep, I’m sure Herman Cain will be asking Jesus to forgive him as he uses Jesus’s name in his political speeches and sings the gospel to assure everyone how rightious he is. Tee-hee!


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