This one ain’t photoshopped!

Yep, the Bush family was always friendly and helpful to those fine and democratic loving Saudi Arabian Kings and Princes.




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3 responses to “This one ain’t photoshopped!

  1. carpentersville

    Once Again Frank. You’re WRONG.
    Saudi Arabia supplies Us with less than 15% of Our Oil.

    The United States consumes 18.69 million barrels of oil and oil products each day, 10.74 million of which are oil imports from 15 countries, according to data from the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Energy Information Administration.

    Of those 10.74 million barrels imported each day, 3.77 million (35%) come from the neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico. Comparatively, the U.S. imports 2.03 million barrels (19%) from the African countries of Nigeria, Algeria, and Angola. A near equal amount, 1.89 million barrels (18%), are imported from the South American countries of Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, and Ecuador. The U.S. imports another 1.66 million barrels (15.5%) from the Middle East; namely, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait. The remaining 1.39 million barrels (12.5%) are imported each day from Russia, the Virgin Islands, and the United Kingdom.

    Democrats Disinformation Tactic,…..”It’s about the oil STUPID!” The Dumbocrats used that one for the Iraq war also, and they were wrong about that, Again!


  2. Oh GOD! Richard is defending our LIES and involvement in Iraq.

    You’re as dense as lead.


  3. carpentersville

    Your Denying the Facts about where our Oil comes form Frank?
    P.S. I never voted for Bush and never supported the Iraq war, That’s what You assume, always categorizing and stereotyping!


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