Occupy Wall Street Thugs Protesting Threatening Small Children

Yep Frank, these 99’s are Great people! Now I see why You adore them?


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2 responses to “Occupy Wall Street Thugs Protesting Threatening Small Children

  1. How many kids were harmed? Oh, none, heh?

    You just don’t like the idea of anyone going against your neanderthal, oops I mean neo-con political views.

    You have nothing but Tea Party slogans which are BOLD to shout about, but you can’t even tell us your economic plan to get us out of our economic disaster we’re in…oh wait…you’ll shout out the slogan CUT TAXES and REDUCE REGULATIONS!

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You neo-cons are funny folks, you watched Bush/Cheney reverse the policies of economic prosperity of the Clinton Administration and you guys applauded as the surplus became a deficit that grew by double digits yearly and you guys applauded.

    Right now two thirds of Americans want the taxes increased by those making a million bucks or more a year. The Republicans have done everything to keep a jobs bill from being passed, as their only goal is to continue destroying our economy just so they can blame President Obama in the next election. The problem Richard, is the majority of Americans have now figured that out. You and your Tea Party Patriots are either being partisan or you guys are just plain ignorant and just don’t like having a Democrat [especially a BLACK MAN as President]


  2. carpentersville

    Some more stereotyping Frank, You’re getting Boring !!!!!!!!!


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