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Just Like the Tea Party… 3 #Occupy Portland Protesters Arrested With Homemade Grenades

3 Men from Occupy Portland Arrested with Homemade Grenades

John on November 13, 2011 at 7:50 pm

This is why police wear riot gear when they clear occupy camps. A trio of Portland Occupiers were pulled over for speeding but police smelled marijuana and searched the car at which point they made another discovery:

Inside the car, the deputy also found a number of firecrackers and two commercially made mortars inside glass canning jars, designed to be fired into the area during professional pyrotechnic displays. One was found in the floorboard of the vehicle, and the other was allegedly in Luff’s jacket.

The deputy also found two gas masks, protective eye goggles and a safety helmet. All three men told the deputy that they had spent the night at the Occupy Portland demonstration, and they brought the mortars and safety equipment to the demonstration in preparation of the expected confrontation between police and protesters Sunday morning.

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Cops ram batons into girls, how brave!

Look at how threatening these protesters are! Cops use batons and ram them into the girl’s stomaches. Let’s hope none of them are pregnant.

These cops [animals] should charged for using excessive force on these protesters.

Richard would probably call these cops HEROS!

These bad cops help incite and inflame what was a peaceful demostration.

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