The reality of American Healthcare

America is falling behind fast against all Western Countries of Europe, England, Canada and Japan and other Asian countries. Americans die at higher rate, infant mortality is worse and we have the most expensive healthcare in the world.

We should be fighting for Medicare for all and to negotiate more strongly with Pharmaceutical Companies that ripped us off with the Prescription D program that was a Republican give away to these corporations. This unfunded program passed in the “W” Bush administration and it guaranteed no negotiation of prescription prices.



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7 responses to “The reality of American Healthcare

  1. You want to trade Jobs for sub standard Healthcare, Oh I forgot You just showed Me the Official Research on World Healthcare?

    Silly Me!

  2. carpentersville

    For God’s sake Richard! Glenn Beck is your “expert witness” on healthcare?!?!

    Now that’s fucking funny Richard!

    Glenn Beck the rightwing whackjob who was so way out there that Fox News Network and their advertisers were abandoning this paranoid moron.

    Explains a lot Richard.

    Enjoy this video:


    • carpentersville

      That’s Funny Frank, But did You know that Beck predicted OWS.

      You know why, because it was a planned event leaked out and published before it ever happened. And you wonder Why OWS doesn’t get any Respect. They’re just Pawns in the bigger Socialist game.

      maybe You know this already and won’t admit it or You juts don’t Know?



      That’s Payback for those dumb ass video’s You send out with Brain Dead Bill Maher!

  3. carpentersville

    Here’s some more Glenn Beck nonsense, but really some funny shit!


  4. carpentersville

    Glenn Beck’s chaulk working overtime!

    • carpentersville

      OK…. Keith Olberman couldn’t even make it on the least watched cable News show, what’s He got 10 followers including Yourself?

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