Police Brutality by High Rank Officer.

Anthony Bologna Name Of Cop That Pepper Sprayed Wall Street Protesters



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9 responses to “Police Brutality by High Rank Officer.

  1. carpentersville


  2. carpentersville

    Thanks for the Update Frank from 5 weeks ago from Lawrence the libtard, on the failing MSNBC Cable news network.

    “A New York City police inspector has been docked more than a third of his vacation time after he used pepper spray on anti-Wall Street protesters corralled by police on a sidewalk during an Occupy Wall Street rally.

    Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna had 10 of his annual 27 vacation days docked as a disciplinary measure after the September 24 incident which took place near Union Square, shortly after the now-global protests began in a tiny private plaza in lower Manhattan.

    He received a command discipline for ‘using pepper spray outside of department guidelines’ and was docked 10 vacation days, police said.
    Out of line: Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, centre, was caught using pepper spray on video during a march near Union Square on September 24”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050770/Occupy-Wall-Street-Pepper-spray-cop-Anthony-Bologna-faces-losing-vacation-days.html#ixzz1dK5z78DV

  3. Whether the police brutality happens 5 weeks ago, yesterday or today, there’s been many instances of police brutality against our young people. You can bet that if the protesters were predominately WHITE and MIDDLE AGE this would not happen as often.

    Your constant crying about biased media of the many news outlets is your only argument? AND you keep on posting FAKE NEWS NETWORK aka FOX NEWS NETWORK? Get real Richard.


  4. carpentersville

    Love your stereo types Frank it’s like an addiction isn’t it. All these people are perfect and law abiding and the Cops are the bad guys.

    You remind Me when I was a Kid, Never like the Cops either, But then I grew Up!


  5. Really Richard, did you feel the same when Officer Brown of the Carpentersville Police Department wrote up a completely different report on the campaign signs that was stolen from your front yard, during the last election?

    The facts are clear, except your partisan brain won’t accept it, cops can be bad and abusive.


  6. carpentersville

    Your right Frank, I didn’t like Brown’s Incompetence or the Smoozing I got, Or when an Officer ignored an Illegally parked vehicle on lake Marian while the Drivers were supposedly looking for a missing mystery Dog.

    But when You blatantly Ignore the Law and refuse a Cops orders they have the Right to apprehend You and detain You!

    Have you ever tried Not listening to an Officer of the Law, You know what happens? They get a little angry and they start added citations and charges.

    The best way to handle a Police Officer is with kindness and respect, and If You want a battle get a Lawyer and fight them with The Law.

    That’s the American Way.

    So if You want to fight a Cop, You’d better be prepared to get the full force of the Law including a Cops self defense training.

    The smart thing to do is to avoid a Confrontation!


  7. The problem Richard is that some of these bad cops are using force without warning. It’s one of the reasons why the Oakland Mayor had to apologize for some of the excessive force [please note excessive force] on the protesters.

    This ain’t the People’s Republic of China and the police have no right to use excessive force against anyone.


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