This is Why the OWS 99% are really only 37% and Declining


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One response to “This is Why the OWS 99% are really only 37% and Declining

  1. Your Fox News Network at work! Well done Richard!

    You have people who are videoing taping and obviously inciting these people. La Raza did the same in Carpentrsville and twisted ordinary Americans comments and turned them into reactionary racists.

    Now we’re seeing more protesters with their faces covered, since the Law Enforcement Agencies are requesting copies of video taping of these events.

    The only thing you’re proving is that the rightwingers are becoming fearful that these Wall Street Occupiers are becoming a large political voice of this nation. You’ll be seeing more slanted and corrupt views coming from Fox News Network and the so-called Tea Party Patriots on this citizen movement.

    This is all about maintaining the status quo for rightwing darlings of the filthy rich who have contributed vast amounts of money to Republican candidates. The problem is that the Republican candidates for President are borderline if not completely nuts.

    We have Republicans who continue voting 100% against any job bill that President Obama places on the table. Republicans will continue doing NOTHING about the economy, since a bad economy is the only hope for Republicans in 2012. Every non-bias poll shows two-thirds of Americans who think the Republican Party as being the party for the RICH FAT CATS. Of course Richard will poo-poo these polls as he did previously at Carpentersville Playhouse, but these are the facts. Thewre’s a groundswell of support that’s growing daily to force Congress to raise the taxes on the very rich who have destroyed our economy, so they can enrich themselves at the expense of the crumbling Working Class.

    Class Warfare…heck yea! The rich and large Corporations have been seeing their taxes decrease, while their wealth increases. The Middle Class has not seen their standard of living increase since the Clinton Administration.


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