Champion News with Jack Roeser


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One response to “Champion News with Jack Roeser

  1. Good ole Jack Roeser…still protecting his own self-interests and blaming Unions for all of America’s ill. This same guy [if you remember Richard] supported Democrats in Carpentersville elections in 2005. Both Democrats were pro-choice and pro-illegal alien and Jack wants to talk about integrity and being a Conservative?!?!

    Jack Roeser has toned his anti-GAY rhetoric after removing his views on his blog that Kirk was a Homosexual. He needed to do this so he could pay $50,000 for a position in the Illinois Republican Party.

    Jack was also the guy who helped sink Jack Ryan campaign for Illinois Senator and brought in the carpetbagger Alan Keyes. What a disaster that was! Obama steamrolled right over that rightwing nutjob.


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