Here’s the real Nazi tactics by Oakland Police.

Oakland Police shot Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen in face with non-lethal round causing severe injuries. Those who tried to help this severely injured vet were hit with stun grenades.

This video shows a person filming the Oakland Police during a peaceful time of the protest in Oakland. A cop shoots the guy filming them with a rubber bullet. What a disgrace! The guy was sent to a local hospital from the injuries.

Occupy Wall Street protesters are not only sick and tired of this country being politically and economically controlled by the uber-rich, but also the Oakland Police who have acted more like thugs than say “to serve and protect.” Many people from other countries are watching the happenings in Oakland and have expressed outrage of the treatment of our citizens who are expressing their displeasure of our system and police.

Violence begets Violence and it’s becoming clear that if the police continue using excessive force on the overwhelmingly peaceful protesters [yes there’s a few trouble makers and the police should concentrate their rage on them only] we could see riots that we have not seen since the 1960s.

When police start acting like thugs [Oakland Police have a nice history of using violence against minorities] they lose the respect of law-abiding citizens. The Oakland Police have shot people with rubber bullets and yes even with tear gas canisters and causing severe injuries. The police have been caught on video throwing stun grenades at people trying to help severely injured people.

These Americans who are being beaten, shot at and gassed are scenes that we see in countries with Dictatorships.

Richard uses the same tactics of the rightwing zealots everywhere….you try to dehumanize these people sort of like the Nazis did to Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Homosexuals and others. It makes it easier and in some ways justifiable to take away these sub-humans rights away from them and to beat them like dogs.



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5 responses to “Here’s the real Nazi tactics by Oakland Police.

  1. carpentersville

    This is a Re Run Frank, Old News, Repeat, Get up to speed will You. Just in case You don’t know, today’s Date is November 8, 2011.

    Thanks for last weeks News!


  2. carpentersville

    Richard, a person just got shot by a rubber bullet for just taking a video Sunday. Old news, get real!

    Your partisan bullshit is getting real tired. Supporting Gestapo tactics against Americans who are expressing their rights as endowed by the Constitution and our Founding Fathers. Your views are twisted and UN-AMERICAN!


  3. Blow it Out You ass Frank, You’re The Socialist “Pig Hater”, People Breaking the Law and Then They CRY because they Got Hurt, CRY me a river Frank! Don’t expect People to follow Your Bullshit Frank, You’re in a World of your Own!

    I never got away with breaking the Law, You expect Me to have sympathy for those Who Do, NEVER Frank!

    You do what the Law says Or get get a Rubber Bullet in Your Face, To Frickin Bad, Go cry to Momma!

  4. Funny you say that Richard. When Carpentersville Police Officer Brown a known liar and friend of Bill Sarto lied on his report about the campaign signs stolen from your front yard, you were upset. Didn’t all of us go down to the Police Department and raise HELL.

    Too bad Officer Brown didn’t greet you with a rubber bullet with your silly complaint.


  5. That’s my rightwing friend!!!! Kill em all let God sort them out!

    Too funny Richard, you Tea Party Patriots are always screaming about your constitutional rights and how government is trampling your rights, yet you rejoice when peaceful protesters get shot, beaten and gassed by a Police Department with a fine tradition of violating citizens rights, especially if they ain’t white.

    You Tea Party Patriots who like to dress up in Revolutionary costumes, wrap yourselves in the American Flag and wave the bible around are just a bunch of hypocrites who want to turn the clock back where minorities knew there place. Yes a place where there’s no stupid Enviromental Laws that hold back Industry and no stupid Department of Education [we don’t need no stinkin education!]

    I could go on but you’ll start with your typical ,”Frank drinks the Kool-aid.” and other silly slogans.

    Funny that the only rights you’re concerned with is those of your oppressed White breathrens.


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