Tea Party Patriots!

It’s all about who’s more patriotic than say those who look different or have a religion that you don’t feel comfortable about.




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2 responses to “Tea Party Patriots!

  1. carpentersville


    You’re way of your rocker here, This analogy is a perfect example of Your programmed political bias.

    As they use to say, “Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”

    Swing away……..


  2. Richard your Tea Party friends are famous for their anti-Muslim, anti-Gay and anti-anything that makes rednecks uncomfortable. They love waving the American Flag and saying how patriotic they are as they hold the Bible. Yep, they wasted no time trying to smear President Obama when he got elected and calling him a Muslim and a person of questionable heritage.

    What a bunch of bullshit these misinformed redneck spout out. They go out of their way to blame the poor for everything that goes wrong in this country and actually believe the rich are actually job creators, ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Oh, but try to take away their Social Security and Medicare, they’ll scream murder. BUT, anyone who gets any other government benefit is called a Communist…..Richard will your immediate family give up your Marxist’s benefits from the government. I doubt it, since you think you’re entitled to it, while all others need to tighten their belts.

    Yea, go after the poor and those who are barely scraping by, but continue to coddle the rich with tax cuts. Let’s not forget the Republicans goal of more derugulations and less red tape for the very same people who got us in the financial mess. Yep, give the rich more tax cuts, more derugulations of Banks and other financial institutions and we’ll also defang the EPA for good measure. Oh my what a economic paradise it will be for our rich overlords.


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