Healthcare Profits.



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4 responses to “Healthcare Profits.

  1. How foolish Frank. Healthcare profits ?????????

    First of all if Bill Maher is your spokes person, I’ve over estimated your intelligence. This guy is a complete Fruit Cake!

    Second of All, Your following the lemming crowd of statistics. Most profits aren’t in the Insurance Industry, they’re in the Medical Industry.

    Your Hospitals, Doctors, Therapists, etc. make more money than the Insurance Industry, But You being the good Ole Democrat that You are follow the Obama Doctrine and wouldn’t know that or be told that because it’s not in the Plan.

  2. Richard, have you checked my voting record? Give your buddy Humpfer a call and check my voting records. I’ve voted in every Republican primary and I get all those questionaires with the ridiculous loaded question surveys.

    The Insurance Companies are making a lot of money. Where have you’ve been hiding? Your Tea Party and rightwing ideology is blinding you. To say that doctors and Therapists are making more money than the Insurance companies is plain silly talk.

    Do all Tea Party Patriots spout out bullshit and do other Tea Party Patriots believe all this manure?


  3. “Do all Tea Party Patriots spout out bullshit and do other Tea Party Patriots believe all this manure?”

    No Frank only the ones that actually Educate themselves on the subject, You should try it?

    Studies: Doctors, Hospitals Profit As Health Costs Rise;

    “Over a decade, the median-income family of four with health insurance from their employer saw their real annual earnings rise from $76,000 in 1999 to $99,000. But nearly all that gain was eaten up by rising health care costs, a new study finds.

    After taking into account the price increases for other goods and services, the typical family had just $95 a month more in 2009 than in 1999 to devote to non-health spending, according to the paper by David Auerbach and Arthur Kellermann of RAND.

    Who’s at fault? The latest issue of Health Affairs is devoted to the topic of growing health costs. The culprits, many of the studies conclude, are hospitals and doctors more than insurers or patients, despite the political rhetoric to the contrary. To wit:”

  4. So Why are We forcing Insurance on the People, So they can Make The Doctors and Hospital Administrators Rich. Instead Of Regulating the Medical Industry We are given them a Promise of 300,000,000 customers!

    Higher fees to physicians are the main driver of health care spending increases, according to a study by Miriam Laugesen and Sherry Glied. They compared fees for primary care visits and hip replacements in the U.S. with their counterparts in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. They found that in most cases, both public and private payers in the U.S. spend more than overseas counterparts: Government insurers paid U.S. doctors $1,634 for routine hip replacements, more than double the $652 paid to Canadian doctors. Private insurers paid $3,996 to U.S. doctors for a hip replacement, triple the $1,340 paid to French doctors. U.S. docs earned higher incomes than their peers in other countries: $186,582 for primary care and $442,450 for the orthopedists. The authors concluded that insurers haven’t been successful in negotiating fees with specialists. One of the authors, Glied, is now an undersecretary at the Department of Health and Human Services; the paper was written when she was teaching at Columbia University and, Health Affairs said, does not reflect the official views of the government.”

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