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If Jesus was a Conservative.


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OWS, The Rap sheet so far

***Updated — Today we hit incident 100.

One of the secret weapons the corrupt mainstream media uses in their never-ending quest to Palace Guard for the left is context. For example, when it came to the Tea Party, the MSM was notorious for amplifying a single incident (that was usually a lie) and using it to attempt to smear and define an entire movement. This is what you do when you want to quickly take out a political enemy.

The MSM’s contextual game changes, however, when their desire is to strengthen a movement and give it credibility and room to grow. By dutifully reporting individual incidents but not reporting on the growing scope and size of Occupy Wall Street lawlessness, the MSM is willfully covering up the violence, vandalism, and anti-Semitism that truly does define this movement.

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The list is in no particular order. Like the Occupiers themselves, it’s unruly, disorganized, messy and not focused solely on the nation’s media centers. The movement is spreading across America and bringing with it their outrageous and appalling behavior.

NY: 10/1/2011 — Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge
Madison, WI: 10-27-2011 — Madison Occupiers Lose Permit Due to Public Masturbation
Phoenix: 10/28/2011 — Flier at Occupy Phoenix Asks, “When Should You Shoot a Cop?”
NY: 10/18/2011 — Thieves Preying on Fellow Protesters
NY: 10/9/2011 — Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters Accused of Living in Filth as Shocking Pictures Show One Demonstrator Defecating on a POLICE CAR
NY: 10/7/2011 — Occupiers Rush Police … More
Cleveland: 10/18/2011 — ‘Occupy Cleveland’ Protester Alleges She Was Raped
NY: 10/10/2011 — ‘Increasingly Debauched’: Are Sex, Drugs & Poor Sanitation Eclipsing Occupy Wall Street?
Seattle: 10/18/2011 — Man Accused of Exposing Self to Children Arrested
10/12/2011 — Iran Supports ‘Occupy Wall Street’
Portland: 10/16/2011 – #OccupyPortland Protester Desecrates Memorial To U.S. War Dead
Portland: 10/15/2011 — #OccupyPortland Protesters Sing “F*** The USA”
Chicago: 10/17/2011 — COMMUNIST LEADER Cheered at Occupy Chicago
10/15/2011 — American Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street‘s ’Courage,‘ Tells Members to Support Protests and Fight ’Judeo-Capitalist Banksters’
Boston: 10/14/2011 — Coast Guard member spit on near Occupy Boston tents
Boston: 10/11/2011 — Boston Police Arrest Over 100 from Occupy Boston
New York: 10/11/2011 — “You Can Have Sex with Animals.”
New York: 10/15/2011 — Harassing Police with Accusations of Phony Injuries
New York: 10/9/2011 – ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ Protesters Steal from Local Businesses
New York: 10/25/2011 — Three Men Threatened to Kill 24-Year-Old Occupy Wall Street Protester for Reporting Rape
Baltimore: 10/18/2011 — #OccupyBaltimore Discourages Sexual Assault Victims from Contacting Police
Portland: 10/27/2011 — Occupy Portland’s Attempt At Wealth Redistribution Ends In Theft
Los Angeles: 10/14/2011 – Anti-Semitic Protester at Occupy Wall Street
10/27/2011 — A Death Threat From an Occupy Wall Street Protester
10/27/2011 – Anti-Semitic Tweet From Occupier or Sympathizer
Boston: 10/20/2011 — Occupy Boston Doesn’t Want Police Involved in Rape
New York: 10/5/2011: Anti-Semitic Occupier Screams About Jews, Israel
New York: 10/4/2011 — Occupier Taunts Jewish Man
Boston: 10/2011 — Occupiers Block Street
New York: 10/2011 — Occupier Tries to Steal Police Officer’s Gun
New York: 10/27/2011 — Occupiers Block Traffic, Get Arrested
Oakland: 10/27/2011 — Occupiers Throw Garbage at Police
Oakland: 10/19/2011 — Abusive #OccupyOakland Protesters Ban Media from Tent City
Eugene, OR: 10/19/2011 — Occupiers Displace Farmers’ Market Threatening Hundreds of Jobs
Portland, OR: 10/18/2011 — Capitalist Offering Jobs at Occupy Portland Finds Few Takers
NY: 10/20/2011 — #OccupyWallStreet Threatens Businesses, Patrons
NY: 10/14/2011 — Violence Breaks Out During #OccupyWallStreet March Toward Stock Exchange
NY: 10/14/2011 — Protesters March On Wall Street, Scuffle With Cops
Oakland: 10/19/2011 — #OccupyOakland Protesters Threaten Reporter
Oakland: 10/26/2011 — Occupiers Scuffle with Police
Oakland: 10/24/2011 — Protesters Storm, Vandalize, Shut Down Chase Bank
Dayton, OH: 10/22/2011 — Protester: ‘F*ck The Military, F*ck Your Flag, And F*ck The Police’
Chicago: 10/14/2011 – Protesters’ Message At #OccupyChicago Rally: ‘Destroy Israel’
NY: 10/23/2011 — #OccupyWallStreet Supporter Rants Against Israel, Jews
NY: 10/22/2011 — #Occupy Kid: ‘Burn Wall Street, Burn!’
NY: 10/21/2011 — New Yorkers Fed Up With Noisy, Defecating Protesters
Oakland: 10/21/2011 — Occupy Oakland Evicted After Reports Of Crime And Intimidation
Oakland: 10/19/2011 — #OccupyOakland Out of Control: Rats, Graffiti, Vandalism, Sexual Harassment, Public Sex and Urination
Chicago: 10/26/2011 – Occupiers Under Investigation by FBI for Links to Terrorism
Cleveland: 10/29/2011 — Rape Reported at Occupy Cleveland
Dallas: 10/24/2011 — Police Investigating Possible Sexual Assault Of Teen At Occupy Dallas
Bloomington, IN: 10/26/2011 — Man Claims Occupy Bloomington Protesters Drugged, Handcuffed Him
NY: 10/10/2011 — Sex, Drugs and Hiding from the Law at Wall Street Protests
Glasgow: 10/26/2011 — Woman Gang-Raped
Boston: 10/23/2011 — Occupy Boston Protesters Arrested For Dealing Heroin – With 6 Year-Old in Tent
Portland: 10/16/2011 – Sex Offender Registers Occupy Portland Camp as Address
Denver: 10/15/2011 — Occupy Denver Demonstrator Accused of Groping TV Photographer
Lawrence, KS: 10/25/2011 — Sexual Assault Reported at Occupy Camp
Minneapolis, MN: Bricks, Rocks, ‘Riot Supplies’ Discovered by Police
Phoenix, AZ: 10/27/2011 — Neo-Nazis Patrol “Occupy Phoenix” With AR-15′s
Chicago: 10/26/2011 — Occupy Chicago Invades City Hall
10/26/2011 — ACORN, Occupy Email Talks About Assault on Banks
10/26/2011 – OccupyWallStreet Strategy for Reports of Violence Against Cops
Chicago: 10/26/2011 — Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Wows Occupiers
Chicago: 10/25/2011 — Ayers Coaches #OccupyChicago, Callsg for School ‘Occupations’
10/26/2011/ — Occupy Protests Have Jewish Leaders Concerned
Wash DC: 10/27/2011 – OccupyDC Leftists Provoke Police – Hang Flag on Top of DC Statue
Albuquerque, NM: 10/26/2011 — Occupy Squatters Riot With Police
San Diego: 10/25/2011 — Flag Used as Chew Toy by Occupier’s Dog
Oakland: 10/25/2011 — Occupiers Throw Bottles at Police
NY: 10/27/2011 — Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Rush Limbaugh Is Bigger Threat Than Al-Qaeda
10/27/2011 — Occupy Wall Street Launching First Nationwide General Strike in America Since 1946
NY: 10/28/2011 — Fox 5 News Reporter Assaulted at OWS
10/28/2001 — Total Occupy Arrests Made Thus Far: 2750
Nashville: 10/28/2011 — 30 Arrests Made at Wall St. Protest
NY: 10/20/2011 — Former Marine Tries to Taunt Police into Violence
NY: 1023/2011 — Islamist Group Joins with Occupy Wall Street
Los Angeles: 10/13/2011 — Roundup of Overt Occupy anti-Semitism
NY: 10/12/2011 — There are No Anti-Semites at Occupy Wall Street. Except for This Guy
Missoula, MT: 10/20/2011 — Drunk 11-Year-Old At Occupy Missoula, Adult Arrested
Oakland: 10/28/2011 — Bounty Out On Police Officer?
Manchester, NH: 10/28/2011 – Woman charged with pimping teen recruited at Occupy NH rally
San Diego: 10/28/2011 – 40 Occupiers arrested
Boston: 10/24/2011 — Occupy Boston Vandalism of Banks
Boston: 10/25/2011 – Store Owner Suffers 4 Break Ins Since Occupy Boston Began
Portland: 10/28/2011 — Portland Police: Buckets of Excrement Scattered Around #OccupyPortland Camp
Seattle: 10/20/2011 — Two Possible Occupiers Charged With Assault
Seattle: 10/18/2011 — Armed Felon Arrested at Occupy Seattle
Seattle: 10/18/2011 — A Tent Fight and (At Least) One Arrest at Occupy Seattle
Seattle: 10/17/2011 — Over 50 Cops Clear Westlake Occupation, Make Eight Arrests
Seattle: 10/13/2011 — Cops Arrest Several Occupy Protesters
Seattle: 10/13/2011 — Chanting Protesters Surround Police After Officers Arrest Two
Denver: 10/29/2011 — Protesters Clash with Police at OWS Denver
Austin: 10/13/2011 – Occupy Austin protesters arrested for blocking cleaning Crews
Calgary, CN: 10/28/2011 — Occupiers do $40,000 in Property Damage
Cincinnati, OH: 10/21/2011 — 23 Arrested, Remains of protests fill two dumpsters
Sacramento: 10/19/2011 – 9 arrested in ‘Occupy Sacramento’ protest
Sacramento: 10/13/2011 – Four More Occupy Sacramento Demonstrators Arrested
Austin, TX: 10/22/2011 – Man Arrested After Knife Incident at Occupy Austin Camp
Nashville: 10/29/2011 — Tenn. Protesters Arrested For 2nd Straight Night


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Iraqi War Veteran severely injured by police!

Ok Richard, I guess this Iraqi War Veteran is an UN-AMERICAN Leftist too, heh? Where do you get your hate from? Hate rightwing radio? The fear-mongering Fox News Network? Your claims that these protesters are some Socialist, Marxist, Communist-inspired conspiracy laden with anarchists is ridiculous and partisan.

The occupy Wall Street protesters who have spread throughout all the major cities in America and YES now all over the world is not based on one issue or supported by one political party. The main issue though is how the top 1% of the richest Fat Cats are now controlling our economy and enriching themselves, while the working class and the poor continue seeing their real income and benefits [if they’re lucky to have benefits] steadily decline over the years. It’s also about unemployment. The influence of politics by the few Rich Fat Cats. The reckless behavior and gambling of the Financial Institutions and Wall Street, which destroyed our economy.

There’s no doubt that we need MORE, not LESS regulations of the large institutions that enrich themselves and destroys our quality of life in America. Capitalism alone….. without regulations is as nasty as Communism. The Republicans have lost their way and no longer represent the “We the People” and only represent the top 1%.



Southern California — this just in
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Occupy Oakland regroups; injured Iraq war veteran recovering
October 28, 2011 | 1:14 pm 299

Flowers and thousands of cards for recovering Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen — whose injury during a confrontation with police has become a national rallying point for Occupy movement protesters -– have flooded Oakland’s Highland Hospital.

Meanwhile, in Oakland’s city center, about three dozen tents had sprung up by Friday morning on the lawn where an Occupy encampment was razed earlier in the week. That mirrored action in San Francisco, where city officials had removed tents only to see them return.

“For every action there’s a reaction,” Saiid Shabazz, 35, of Oakland, said of the razing of the camp early Tuesday and the massive protests that followed. “The people are going to continue to use this camp as a training facility, an educational facility, a healing facility and a place to live facility.”

PHOTOS: Occupy protests around the nation

Olsen, 24, a Marine lance corporal who served two tours of duty in Iraq, suffered a skull fracture when he was struck during the Tuesday night protest by a projectile fired by police officers.

Highland Hospital spokesman Curt Olsen — no relation -– said Scott Olsen was experiencing pressure on a lobe of his brain that controls speech, but “he is able to understand everything that is said to him” and can write. Doctors do not anticipate a need to operate and are optimistic about his recovery, Curt Olsen said.

Hospital staff can’t bring the bouquets of flowers into the intensive care unit, but are photographing them for Olsen and then donating them to other patients.
FULL COVERAGE: Occupy protests around the nation

“He’s surprised by it,” the spokesman said. “He doesn’t really understand why everyone is making such a big deal of it.” Olsen “lit up” when his parents arrived at his bedside, the spokesman said. His condition was upgraded Thursday from critical to fair.

Hundreds of officers in riot gear arrived from more than a dozen regional departments Tuesday night to try to control a crowd gathered in opposition to the dismantling of the Occupy Oakland encampment. The clearing of the camp earlier that day had resulted in about 100 arrests.

The crowd was largely peaceful. But when some in the crowd of protesters started throwing bottles, rocks and paint, police responded with tear gas and other projectiles -– including what appeared to be rubber bullets and flash-bang grenades.

Olsen, who lives in Daly City and works as a systems analyst, is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He had spent many nights at the Occupy SF encampment and was in the Oakland crowd with other vets Tuesday to show his support.

Video shows Olsen lying crumpled on the ground as tear gas billows. An apparent concussion grenade or “flash bang” grenade then explodes as others are trying to help him.

Oakland Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan said his department does not use rubber bullets -– they were banned after protesters opposed to the Iraq war were injured in a 2003 demonstration — but are investigating whether other assisting departments used them. Jordan also said that the “gas balls” his department uses are rolled, not launched overhead. But video shows airborne projectiles.

Jordan and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan have vowed an investigation into Olsen’s injury and all other claims of excessive force. City Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan said the body will meet Thursday to discuss the incidents and “evaluate next steps moving forward. “As Oakland’s citywide councilmember, I will be proposing to reclarify city policy so that we do not allow the firing of dangerous projectiles into crowds of peaceful protesters,” she said in a statement.

Quan visited Olsen in the hospital Thursday and sought to address the group’s evening general assembly. But Shabazz said that when she attempted to do so before her turn, she was booed. She then left.

“There were more people who did want to hear her speak than didn’t,” Shabazz said. “But we could not overrule the procedure and put her first.”

Quan issued a statement to demonstrators late Thursday, thanking them for Wednesday night’s “peaceful protest,” when about 1,000 people gathered in the plaza and many later marched through city streets.

“I cannot change the past, but I want to work with you to ensure that this remains peaceful moving forward,” said Quan, a longtime activist who said she supports the main points of the Occupy movement but felt that health and safety concerns and poor communication had left the city no choice but to remove the encampment.

Quan said she and Jordan would meet with members of the group and asked that they maintain “healthy and safe conditions,” and give public safety employees “access when there is an emergency.”

She also asked demonstrators “not to camp overnight,” a request that was flouted.

A young man dozed on a mattress on the plaza lawn Friday morning amid a sea of new tents. A fresh “Kid Zone” awning was erected to replace the one torn down earlier in the week.

The movement is expected to get a boost at 3 p.m. when filmmaker Michael Moore joins the protesters at the plaza along with representatives of the California Nurses Assn


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Danny Glover Speaks to Occupy Oakland, October 15, 2011

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The economic fall of the working class poll.

The rich get richer at the expense of the working class. AND the Republicans think the rich need more tax cuts?

US income disparity, economic anxiety grow: studies
(AFP) – 1 day ago
WASHINGTON — Income for the richest Americans has grown 15 times faster than for the poor since 1979, a government study showed, as a poll out Wednesday highlighted deep anxiety over uneven wealth distribution a year ahead of US elections.

The income disparity, and concentration of more than 80 percent of US income wealth in the top 20 percent of earners, highlights the volatility in the race for the White House as President Barack Obama’s Republican challengers push plans to reduce taxes for the wealthy as a way to prime the sluggish economy.

From 1979 to 2007, the wealthiest one percent of Americans more than doubled their share of the nation’s income, from nearly eight percent to 17 percent, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said in a report released Tuesday.

“Income after transfers and federal taxes for households at the higher end of the income scale rose much more rapidly than income for households in the middle and at the lower end of the income scale,” it said.

Government policy over the years has become less redistributive, and “the equalizing effect of transfers and taxes on household income was smaller in 2007 than it had been in 1979,” the CBO added.

For the wealthiest one percent of the population, average after-tax household income grew by 275 percent during the period, compared with just 18 percent for the poorest 20 percent.

It was also a far greater increase than for the six tenths of the population in the middle of the income scale, who saw their average after-tax income grow by just under 40 percent during the same period.

Meanwhile a new poll by The New York Times and CBS News found that the vast majority of Americans fear a stagnation or deterioration of the economy, and showed that two thirds of the public believe US wealth should be distributed more evenly.

And in a critique of Obama as he attempts to position himself as the candidate best-placed to improve the status of the nation’s working class, 28 percent of poll respondents said his policies favor the rich, compared with 23 percent saying they favor the middle class and 17 percent saying they favor the poor.

By contrast, 69 percent of respondents said Republican policies favor the rich, nine percent said they favor the middle class and two percent said they favor the poor.

The October 19-24 telephone poll of 1,650 adults had a three percent margin of error.

This poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans think the Republican Party favors the rich. As I said, the Republican Party is either being bought and sold by the rich FAT CATS or are just a bunch of morons.



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Perry’s tax cuts for the rich.

The Republicans want more tax cuts for the rich. Today’s Republican Party has lost touch with the working class and it’s becoming quite obvious that the Republicans are being bought and sold by the top 1% of the economic oligarchs

Look who agrees that the Republicans are becoming too extreme!

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President Obama-terrorist killer!

The list of senior terrorists killed during the Obama presidency is fairly extensive.

There’s Osama bin Laden, of course, killed in May.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Anwar al-Awlaki as of today.

Earlier this month officials confirmed that al Qaeda’s chief of Pakistan operations, Abu Hafs al-Shahri, was killed in Waziristan, Pakistan.

In August, ‘Atiyah ‘Abd al-Rahman, the deputy leader of al Qaeda was killed.

In June, one of the group’s most dangerous commanders, Ilyas Kashmiri, was killed in Pakistan. In Yemen that same month, AQAP senior operatives Ammar al-Wa’ili, Abu Ali al-Harithi, and Ali Saleh Farhan were killed. In Somalia, Al-Qa’ida in East Africa (AQEA) senior leader Harun Fazul was killed.

Administration officials also herald the recent U.S./Pakistani joint arrest of Younis al-Mauritani in Quetta.

Going back to August 2009, Tehrik e-Taliban Pakistan leader Baitullah Mahsud was killed in Pakistan.

In September of that month, Jemayah Islamiya operational planner Noordin Muhammad Top was killed in Indonesia, and AQEA planner Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan was killed in Somalia.

Then in December 2009 in Pakistan, al Qaeda operational commanders Saleh al-Somali and ‘Abdallah Sa’id were killed.

In February 2010, in Pakistan, Taliban deputy and military commander Abdul Ghani Beradar was captured; Haqqani network commander Muhammad Haqqani was killed; and Lashkar-e Jhangvi leader Qari Zafar was killed.

In March 2010, al Qaeda operative Hussein al-Yemeni was killed in Pakistan, while senior Jemayah Islamiya operative Dulmatin – accused of being the mastermind behind the 2002 Bali bombings – was killed during a raid in Indonesia.

In April 2010, al Qaeda in Iraq leaders Abu Ayyub al-Masri and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi were killed.

In May, al Qaeda’s number three commander, Sheik Saeed al-Masri was killed.

In June 2010 in Pakistan, al Qaeda commander Hamza al-Jawfi was killed.

Remember when Rudy Giuliani warned that electing Barack Obama would mean that the U.S. played defense, not offense, against the terrorists?

If this is defense, what does offense look like?

-Jake Tapper

Let’s not forget Moammar Qadaffi of Libya. President Obama who was called a Muslim and Muslim supporter has actually done more killing Muslim terrorists than the Bush/Cheney administration.



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Republicans want less taxes on the rich and more on the working class!

You have to wonder whether the Republicans or their partisan supporters are playing with a full deck?


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When did Jesus become a Republican?!?!



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Let’s thank Capitalism and less regulations!

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