Going forward or just political favors?


Is giving away half a million bucks to Dana Molded Plastics  a good thing for Carpentersville’s taxpayers? OR, is it a risky venture for the taxpaying families of Carpentersville?

Why didn’t the Carpentersville Village Board spread the TIF money over 7-8 years, instead of handing all the cash  to Dana Molded Plastics in one year? What other goodies did this firm receive?

It will take at least 7-8 years for the taxpayers to get their money back. Did we also waive the sewer and water hook-up fees too?

Who really benefits from this deal? Was this deal your typical political favor?



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4 responses to “Going forward or just political favors?

  1. carpentersville


    It looks Like carpentersville is not the only one to offer Money upfront to Have Business’s move to their Community.

    Here’s one where the State also put money up front

    “Siemens received incentives from the state and city in what Schock called a “partnership.”

    City spokeswoman Sue Olafson said city incentives included $95,000 for the creation of 95 jobs that pay $40,000 or more a year and waiving $80,000 in city permit and impact fees.

    The city also applied for and received $150,000 in state funding on the company’s behalf and the city and the state also agreed to not collect sales tax on the materials to build the facility, a savings of $635,000 for Siemens.”

    This means they will receive the sales tax relief Immediately $635,000 +, And this was a deal Brokered by the State and the City.

    So Carpenterstville’s Board did a pretty good Job without any of the Nolands, Fosters or Quinn’s Democratic Cheerleaders Help.



  2. Ricard,

    Do you have some type of learning disability, do you comprehend what you read?

    Here…I’ll make it simple for you.

    Mazak Optronics, a manufacturer of laser cutting machines, moved its U.S. headquarters from Schaumburg to Elgin. That move was accomplished without the need for city incentives.

    Do you understand what this means? No city incentives, got it?


    I have no problem with TIFs as long as it is spread over some years. At least then we can see some revenue coming, instead of waiting 7-8 years. Dana Molded Plastics can go bankrupt or move to Mexico or China with no penalties. Of course it’s only the taxpayers who ends up holding the bag. Big deal right?

    Richard likes to pretend he’s a Tea Bagger, but only if it’s at the Federal level and only if it concerns the Democrats. Our local Republicans can tax and spend all they want and Richard calls it investing. Otherwise he’ll call it pork when it’s done by Democrats.

    Richard, that’s too funny, you should be a comedian!

  3. Richard


    Looky Here! Chicago gave Boeing $63,000,000 to buy their New World Headquarters/ Offices, almost a third of the total cost of that Building .

    I wonder what other favors where given to move Boeing from Seattle?

  4. carpentersville

    Ricardo, what does that have to do with Carpentersville? You’re comparing Chicago with Carpentersville? Are you also comparing the two with graft?

    Yes Ricardo, I believe political graft just might be a good comparison between the two and thanks for the comparison.


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