Go after the deadbeats!

Me again.. Just driving up and down the streets in the Indian Section of Carpentersville.. We spotted at least 90% or more cars either did NOT have a current city sticker.. some had NO stickers at all.. what is going on? Why is it fair to those who actually purchase these things? We are not on public aid, do not get food stamps, do not live in Habitat for Humanity houses.. nor are we on section 8. For some reason, WE purchase our “ must have“ stickers.. abide by the rules… and it really burns me as well as other residents that this issue is still not addressed. If WE can see that cars parked IN the street all day and then IN the driveway at night do NOT have stickers, how is this “ issue“ not corrected? I know for a fact that friends of mine have been targeted.. and every one of their cars is stickered, licensed and insured.. what is going on? It seems to me that the only people who are actually purchasing these things are the ones who have done so in the past… again.. WE as Carpentersville residents..are NOT too happy with the lack of enforcement on this and many other issues.. not directing this at one board member, just sending it to all. Seems that when something like this goes on, it is a slap in the face to those of us who have purchased them all along.. like I said, when I first moved out here, cops were stationed at all exits..not that hard.. they checked.. I was impressed.. thought that was great.. now at least 90% of the cars/trucks etc, that are clearly LOCAL.. are not forced to purchase these.. refunding the money paid by those who have paid for years would make a nice down payment on a new house in a different neighborhood.. again..another issue that could and would cut down on the neglected vehicles.. and the parking of cars all over the property.. yet nothing is done.. thanks again for a job well done.. ha ha..

Harley Chick


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3 responses to “Go after the deadbeats!

  1. Richard

    Do you remember when Jewel was still there, The Community Service Officer use to patrol their Lot for sticker violations all the time.

    Now, since it became a “Haven” I mean Convenience store for Mexican nationals You never see that Cop up there, Never!!!

    So what’s up with that?

  2. None

    C`ville is afraid to go after the people you speak of due to the threat of discrimination again.
    Code enforcement is allowed to run the town making up rules as they go!
    They are trying to go after the good people of this town since they think they will abide by their made up rules and codes!
    How about our constitutional rights? Code enforcement is the new age “Hitler” for the town of Carpentersville! Time to throw out those running Village hall and bring in people who are NOT corrupt!!!!

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