Deaf Ears at Village Hall

Hi everyone,
 I am just wondering why Carpentersville, can`t seem to find the time to monitor and cite those who are in flagrant disregard of village ordinances?

 So many vehicles have NO city stickers. Most have none.. and the ones I can see from just driving by, are still PINK.. how is that not noticeable? I have sent letters, contacted board members.. only four people connected with village issues have responded to any of my emails. I voted for Ed.. he has NEVER once replied to any of my emails..regarding city issues.

 Why have an email address accessible to the residents if no replies will be sent? I find it very sad that with the village in such financial disrepair, the streets in horrible condition, that the revenue generated by city stickers is not enforced. I have lived here for over 20 years.

 This town WAS a nice place to live. Not so anymore. When the first thing  you encounter on Helm and 25 is an obstacle course to avoid potholes,  it is not a good “ plus“ for moving here. So many homes with obvious code violations and nothing is done. These issues have been noticeable from the street. I get no response from the village..none.. Just a shame..  a real shame.

I also have had a not so friendly neighbor for about 15 years now. HIS tree has now grown up to my fence.. he refuses to do anything about it. Any ideas? We have huge trees here, and to me, he needs to take care of it. I have a chain link fence and this tree will also block access to my back yard. It is within inches of touching MY gutter on my garage.. if anybody has any ideas.. please contact me. I do not want any more issues with this person, but for 15 years I have raked and raked, cleaned up branches.. etc, all the while this tree gets bigger and bigger. It is now ready to do damage to my actual property, IE fence and garage gutter.

 Help.. if you know of a solution.. thanks..

Harley Chick



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8 responses to “Deaf Ears at Village Hall

  1. mwc

    They just aren’t deaf, they are also blind. Code enforcement isn’t doing their job. There are at least 20 over limit vehicles in my neighborhood and they are only going after certain residents. I look at several dump trucks every morning that are parked in residential driveways. If you are going to enforce a law everybody should have to obey that law. You cannot just discriminate against some.

  2. Frank F. Stoneham

    Please check out the link below:

    Code Enforcement at least has done a better job, then say 10 years ago and more. BUT, they do have problems with enforcing the rules equally. It’s too bad that some inspectors seem to try to please political animals who have an ax to grind. Craig Martin has shown not only contempt for residents of Carpentersville, but has gone along with politicians who want to get even with residents who express an interest in how Carpentersville should be run.

    The Police have also played these same games when Carpentersville’s politicians want revenge against those citizens who have different opinions or want to get involved with the political process.


  3. mwc

    It’s time for this to stop. What’s good for one should be good for everyone. How can they legally give some residents violations and not others, when everyone else in the neighborhood can see what’s going on. I for one am tired of the discrimination against whomever they see fit. We are all working people just trying to make a living as best we can.

  4. Richard


    That Tree that invades your Property can be cut on the lot line all the way up.

    This would eliminate any damage to Your property, except for the Fence, but You are responsible for cutting your side.

    And if it happens to kill the Tree, well Oh Well! That’s not Your Problem then You can fix the fence or take him to small claims court for the Fence repair.

    • Pam

      ??? I am legally able to cut the trunk also.. that is the part at this time that is going to cause great damages to my fence and block us from getting into the back area of the yard? I know I can cut the overhang? But it is the trunk now too, that I am concerned about… thanks..

  5. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  6. Dave Reece

    Craig Martin is a East Dundee resident who sits on the Planning & Zoning Board for East Dundee, but yet works for Code Enforcement in Carpentersville.
    Sure looks like a conflict of interest to me!

    Frank is right (Gee, I never thought I would say that) , Craig Martin is a Political hire and a Political hack. Equal and consistent enforcement in Carpentersville just does not happen.
    For example the enforcement of the so called “Crime free housing” ordinance, were owners of rental property are suppose to pay $500 dollars every three years for a permit that allows them to rent out there own property. Equal and consistent enforcement just isn’t happening. With all the rental homes in Carpentersville you would think that this would be a good source of revenue for the Village, but it is not, it is ,however ,a good way to hassel ones Political foes or anyone else who dare to complain.
    Apparently you have to be a member of the good o’ boys club to be exempt from paying this excessive fee.
    Many members of this exclusive club are elected officials and/or work in “taxpayer supported” positions. These people are ripping off the taxpayers of Carpentersville for what could easily add up to a considerable amount of money. Then if you also consider the special deal they get on their property tax assements, they are really ripping off the taxpayers of not just Carpentersville, but all of Dundee Township. For example, if Kane County Board Member John Fahy is paying a average of $19 per square foot for property Tax on his home in West Dundee and ALL his neighbors pay $43-45 per foot, is that fair? From my understanding Fahy has two rental homes on Green st. in Carpentersville were he gets the same deal on his property Taxes and has yet to ever purchase the $500 dollar permit for any of his rental homes. Fahy is just one of several members of this group who have been ripping off the Taxpayers for years. Is this fair?

  7. Pam

    Get this.. I have lived here, since 1988. In years past I was divorced, and had to refinance.. my son refinanced in his name as my credit is/was bad.. Mr. Martin, after taking down and citing us for a “ garage sale“ sign, decided that since my son has another residence that this house is “ rented“ and I am a renter.. ALL bills have been in my name, since 1988. ALL… I now had to get an attorney to “ prove“ I am NOT a renter.. I pay the mortgage directly to the mortgage company.. just another way to harass residents.. I have lived here since 4-1988. So that means that we are all renters.. I guess.. because most often the banks are the “ owners“ of our houses.. wonder how that works???

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