Carpentersville’s Village President Ed Ritter

claims Americans and their children as LAZY and if all the illegal aliens left the State of Arizona they would go BANKRUPT.

Check out these following links:
American workers compared to all other Industrialized Countries are not only putting in the longest hours, but are also the most productive. This includes Japan too!
Mr. Ritter, who happens to be a School Teacher for District 300, would of lambasted and gave the student an “F”, if  his student would of made the same claims that he made in his classroom.

Why? For making such a ridiculous claim, without providing proof. Yet, Mr. Ritter went ahead and lambasted an audience for bringing up the subject of illegal aliens and how they have badly affected their neighborhood and taken jobs away from Americans. Mr. Ritter then went on a rant about how LAZY Americans are.  For someone like Ed Ritter who has a job as a District 300 Teacher, it’s very apparent that he has lost all sense of what REAL AMERICANS do for a living. OR, what they make per hour, benefits, retirement packages, vacation time, the time they put in per year, sick days and the wear and tear of working REAL jobs. Your average AMERICAN would be extremely lucky to have half as much time off as your average District 300 Teacher. AND, they would be happier than pigs in mud,

 if they had anywhere close to the benefits and retirement plans that Teachers have.

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