I went to the Town Hall Meeting at Carpentersville’s Village Hall last Wednesday on June 16th. Not only was I shocked by what Village President Ed Ritter was saying, but everyone else who attended.
First of all, I’d like to thank State Representitive Keith Farnham 

for coming to Carpentersville and hearing our complaints and wishes for not only Carpentersville, but for all of Illinois. Of course, a lot of the conversation had to do with the huge budget crisis that Illinois is facing and the taxes that are being raised on the struggling families who live in Carpentersville. Village President Ed Ritter asked Mr. Farnham, “Why can’t Illinois just cut spending 5% across the board?”

Well Mr. Ritter, I ask you this, “Why can’t Carpentersville cut it’s spending 5% across the board?”
Mr. Ritter also gave Mr. Farnham a funny look when he said he supported the reform of the Teachers Pension Plan, which is growing uncontrollable and is a big reason why Illinois is facing huge deficits in it’s pension liabilities.
Well Mr. Ritter you think it’s easy when others have to make cuts in spending, as long it doesn’t concern the Teacher Pensions and Carpentersville’s bloated budget and spending spree. Your concern for Carpentersville’s Village employees comfort and well being is duly noted by your urgency to build a new Public Works Building. Damn the recession with falling revenues, foreclosures and crumbling infrastructures. We’ll tax and tax and tax and find fees to pay for Public Works Director Bob Cole’s grand vision of a Taj Mahal for his employees. But enough of the bitching of raising taxes and fees on the struggling families in Carpentersville.
What’s truly disturbing was this, Carpentersville Village President Ed Ritter

proclaimed Americans as LAZY and so are their children! What made Mr. Ritter say something so horrible and UN-AMERICAN? Well, as usual, when you have Carpentersville’s eastside residents together in one room, the subject of illegal aliens comes up. A resident asked what can be done with a revolving door of illegal aliens who live next door to him. He stated that at least 9 Hispanics live there on a rotating basis, with loud music and cars constantly coming and going. Other residents chimed in, including Trustee Judy Sigwalt about the effects of illegal aliens on Carpentersville and elsewhere. Village President Ed Ritter had enough of all this finger-pointing and blaming illegal aliens, so he decided to reprimand the audience, sort of like in School when a teacher feels that his students are starting to get carried away. Here’s where it gets kind of scary, sort of like when your a kid and a teacher uses his/her position to intimidate and shames you into being silent.

Mr. Ritter starts going on a rant, a rant that most Carpentersville residents haven’t heard, since Bill Sarto was Village President.

He first said that Americans [We all believed he meant Caucasians] would rather be on unemployment than work. He further stated that Americans don’t want to work for 12 dollars an hour. This made several people to yell SHAME! A resident behind me said what 12 dollar an hour jobs? Maybe 9 dollar an hour jobs! Mr. Ritter then came up with an example, he told us that his 24 year old daughter has a friend who never held a job in her life! Then he continued ranting about how he read a study that if the State of Arizona was able to get rid of their 400,000 illegal aliens, that Arizona would become BANKRUPT! AND he continued with another diatribe that we should be careful for what we wish for! Oh my Mr. Ritter, Carpentersville would probably go BANKRUPT, if Carpentersville loses it’s illegal aliens too. Tell you what Mr. Ritter, why don’t we raise a new flag at Village Hall.


This way we can start attracting more illegal aliens to Carpentersville. AND, we’ll get rid of the rest of those lazy and pesky Americans who reside on the eastside!

Hmmmm, doesn’t it make you wonder what Mr. Ritter think of his lazy Caucasian students and their parents? He should really go back to the eastside of Carpentersville and teach there, since those lazy Caucasian students only make up a small minority there. He’ll find teaching not only easier, but more fulfilling. After all he won’t be wasting his precious time with lazy Caucasian children who make up the majority of his students now on the westside.
Yes Mr. Ritter, you can help your students raise the Flag of the true hard workers in America! With out the illegal aliens we would go bankrupt!


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  1. Dennis Carr

    Interesting, since the night I attended the village meeting where as it closed Ritter almost jumped up and started arguing a point that the county should step in a target some properties for renting to low income people, crap, I thought I was one! I don’t get welfare, free food, more money from raising children with no father that the worker can ever expect to get in a life time of survitude to the “American Dream” whatever that is………

    But Ritter is welcoming Mercy’s dirty money to the dinner table! Does not matter that most of the leaders of that group have just joined in the last two or so years, ever since they read the cards and saw the housing bubble implode! Now Carpentersville has over 600 homes sitting empty, can the owners or bankers afford to pay the taxes with no income? Nope, soon the banks and lending houses will stubble and fall. But Ritter is more than happy to fill these hovels with low life, criminal bent persons being fed the government buck. It is not their fault they commit crime, but when you have nothing to look forward to, except what you can steal, then you do it!

    Something I am sure that the “comfortable” Ritter does not worry about…

  2. Pam

    I am totally floored by Ed Ritter.. I have lived here since 1988, have always had a job.. still do.. I truly believed that when he was voted into office, King Sarto would be out of sight and out of mind. I was fooled. He too needs to come to this “ side of town“ to see the BS that we live with daily. Kids are out of control, many families to ONE house. Cars, INOPERABLE, no license plates, back yards are in shambles. Yes the beauty of this is that HE does not have to live here. I do. With the market so bad, I will take a severe hit, selling my house right now. And with the streets in such disrepair, especially Helm, near 25, I am embarrassed to try to sell it.. the neighborhood is changing.. school signs as well as church signs, bilingual.. BS. Learn the language or get out. They are on all sorts of public aid there is. WE cater to them. Their kids are unruly and out of control. I had two kids, could barely afford them. How do “ people“ support the amount they have? I truly am surprised and disappointed by Ed Ritter`s statements and attitude.. maybe if he actually took a walk around here, he would see how sad it is.. truly he is a disappointment. And to say I am sorry I voted for him is an understatement..

  3. That Girl

    THANK YOU !!
    I attended that forum, and you are so correct. I was shocked how village president Ritter spoke. Ritter did call americans and their children Lazy and spoiled. He stated americans would rather get the unemployment check, than take a 12 dollar an hour job. He did go on and on about how we lazy americans would be in a world of hurt if we kicked out the illegals.
    Well, I just found out by accident that once again the Consulate General of Mexico will again be in Carpentersville today june 23-26 at Saint Monica Church on rt.25. Ritter’s probably over there trying to get some votes.

  4. Dennis Carr

    Question, is Ritter talking about legal labor that has a quarter of the pay taken away for covering the Government spend easy programs? Then required either to pay for everything, since the government “of the people by the people for the people” does not plan for someone who works all his life.

    Or is the illegal working for same $12.00 that pays no tax, no Social Security, no Health Plan and can afford to buy homes for cash, because they refuse to use banks other than to cash their checks? Since the cost of the house is shared by two, three and sometimes four “unrelated” men with families?

    Like the one at the West End of Fir Street that for years has not had a woman in evidence in all the times I drove by?

    Consulate General of Mexico?

    Perhaps he needs to be reminded of the Mexican Constitution? Since the basically mangaged to steal OURS in 1917 and re-write it in Spanish, then should know what we expect of them!

    “Chapter III”
    “Article 33. Foreigners are those who do not possess the qualifications set forth in Article 30. They are entitled to the guarantees granted by Chapter I, Title I, of the present Constitution; but the Federal Executive shall have the exclusive power to compel any foreigner whose remaining he may deem inexpedient to abandon the national territory immediately and without the necessity of previous legal action.”

    “Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country.”

  5. Frank

    Yes, it’s been a yearly thing now, with the Mexican Consulate back in town handing out their bogus IDs.

    Mr. Ritter is just following Linda Rameriz Sliwinski and Bill Sarto’s footsteps. Don’t worry Ritter your feet will fit fine in Sarto’s shoes.

  6. Richard

    I also saw the Mexican Consulate there and this time they had NO signs, This time it was all Hush, Hush.

    Did anyone, See the Citizenship Classes there, the Week before?

    I was wondering On How many Legal Residents needed that?

  7. Frank F. Stoneham

    July 6, 2010 at 3:17 pm
    I also saw the Mexican Consulate there and this time they had NO signs, This time it was all Hush, Hush.
    It was “hush-hush” due to the fact that Sarto and Sliwinski are gone. There’s no political points in complaining now. Besides that Richard, our Teacher, ooops I mean our Village President has shown his contempt for the American worker.

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