Carpentersville’s Moral Compass?!?!


Village Board May, 2009

Why is it that Carpentersville’s Village Board continues it’s anti-business practices at the detriment to not only businesses that are trying to survive in these tough economic times, but to our taxpayers who’ll have to pay more in taxes for the grandiose plans of a multi-million dollar palace for Public Works employees.

The Village decided about four years ago to create a new paying position called Economic Development/Special Projects Coordinator. Has this position, which was to attract and help new businesses to move to Carpentersville helped any? So, now Carpentersville Village Board is creating another committee to do what? Attract more business? Help businesses to communicate with the Village Board? Cut red tape?

I’m sorry for being a skeptic, but  this Village Board and those in the past have done everything to stop businesses from either locating here in our village or to be competitive with surrounding communities. Besides, the empty storefronts and foreclosures are increasing.

Heres some examples of the hypocrisy of our, oh, so moral Village Board. For years we’ve had Village Presidents and Trustees who opposed the selling of liquor in the morning, even though some surrounding communities were selling at a much earlier time. This hurt local businesses, but our trustees wanted to play the “moral card.” During those dark days of the Boettger administration which Judy Sigwalt  was also a trustee, they decided to raise the sales tax. AND this was done after Judy Sigwalt was elected on a promise to not raise taxes.

During the Sarto administration with the help of Ed Ritter, the Village Board raised gas taxes, at the detriment of the Gas Stations in Carpentersville. Now many residents of Carpentersville would rather go to East Dundee or other communities where the gas is cheaper. I just hope Carpentersville’s BP Gas Station can survive against East Dundee’s Thorton Gas Station, just kiddie corner from it.

Also, during the Sarto administration, the Village had a great opportunity to have a new business located on the west side of town. The Hookah Lounge which is an absolute hit and nice revenue source for Schaumburg, wanted to open another Hookah Lounge in Carpentersville. With their great food, wi-fi stations for Internet  Service and with a very nice atmosphere for College students and young professionals to hang out. This was definitely going to be something new and exotic for people from Carpentersville and the surrounding communities to visit and spend their money. BUT, due to the influence of the Midwest Minutemen and others [Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt] who had xenophobic attitudes about anything that hinted of Muslim and/or Arab cultures decided to STOP this revenue source that Carpentersville so sorely needs.

AND, now we have the Village Board and their “moral compass” attacking and trying to deny our Restaurants and Bars with liquor licenses an opportunity to compete with other businesses in the surrounding communities. I’m talking about “Video Poker Machines.” Once again at the detriment of local businesses and Carpentersville taxpayers, our Village Board had brought out their ”moral compass” and is trying to permanently BAN this revenue source. Will our local businesses suffer from competition across Carpentersville’s border with others? Could they fail?

Why in the heck is our Village Board in the “morality business” anyway? Do they think that they have been given a God given right to dictate morality to businesses and paying customers of said establishments? OR, do they think that THEY have the right  to gamble on the future of Carpentersville’s finances?


This present Village Board has already skimmed 1.3 million dollars as a “poison pill” to place the new PALACE for our Public Works Building on the fast track. This same building is now already over a million dollars over-budget and we haven’t even dug a hole yet. The entire costs, including the poison pill will eventual cost the struggling families of Carpentersville more than 14 million dollars. Just watch as the costs start to climb as this Village Board, Bob Cole and Staff want to include all the bells and whistles to turn this new garage into a PALACE.

YES, our “tax and spenders” are in a rush to build a monument for Public Works employees, even if it means we have to raise taxes and fees to pay for it. YET, they shun new revenue sources that could help our fiscal deficits that we’ll be facing this year and next.


We need to stop being a “moral compass” and attract new revenue sources. This Village Board and those in the past have shown that they wont think outside the box  in these tough economic times. Where is this Village Board going? Are they going to cut services to its residents? God forbid, if this Village Board or  Staff is going to cut Village employees. Nope, they’ll raise your taxes, fees and cut services. Oh wait they did make a crucial cut to save our finances, they eliminated our FOURTH  Of JULY FIREWORKS! BRAVO! You guys saved a whole $7500, whippie! Great job Parks Committee.

Tell you what, why don’t our Trustees and Village President give up their Carpentersville’s salary for only two months to show how patriotic they are and apply it to the Forth of July Fireworks? This would amount to over $7500, with extra cash for other activities around that time. This way Carpentersville’s families can go to Carpenters Park and enjoy our Independence  and way of life. BUT, I’m sure our Village President and Trustees can’t be asked to sacrifice their earnings for something so dear to all of us.


Nope, this Village Board, with the help of Staff will ask the families and businesses of Carpentersville to sacrifice for the “tax and spend” policies. They after all have the “moral compass” and know what’s good for us, no matter what the financial pain the taxpayers and businesses have to endure.

Now if this Village Board would want to use their  “moral authority” to crack down on under-age smoking, I’ll go along.


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5 responses to “Carpentersville’s Moral Compass?!?!

  1. Myra

    Why is it whenever I read about Carpentersville and the Village Board its always about what Judy Sigwalt or Paul Humpfer want? Decisions should be about what the people of Carpentersville want and what is good for them. Aren’t these two coming up for re-election soon. I need not say more.

  2. It’s due to the fact that these two individuals have been involved longer in Carpentersville’s politics, then say anyone else on the Village Board. So, trustees like Brad McFeggan who is actually very new [very cherry indeed] to politics, will play follow the leader.

    The only somewhat independent trustee on the Village Board is Keith Hinz.

    You have to come to your own conclusion on the others, but Pat Shultz has lost all credibility with me. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t go back on your campaign promises, especially in such a short period. The Village President and Trustees with the collusion of Village Staff, steered the multi-million dollar PALACE under the noses of the families of Carpentersville. They have also recklessly decided to spend more money on the Public Works Building, with Keith Hinz opposing the extra $700,00 to be spent on said monument to Bob Cole and his employees.

    These “tax and spenders” will find out, that with a prolonged recession and high unemployent, that the next election will hurt their chances at reelection.


  3. Myra

    I have been to some meetings and it appears to me that at one point the majority of them will decide on one thing and at the next meeting after Judy or Paul speak they will change their minds. This is a total joke that cannot be taken seriously yet it affects the residents of cville. I hope the next election will show that its the residents of this village that matter not just what certain board members decide they want. They need to know that what is good for some of the residents should be good for all the residents.

  4. The problem Myra is that we have a Village President and Trustees who aren’t willing to debate issues strongly in fear of hurting each other’s feelings.

    You should be very worried, when Staff and our Trustees agree on everything. This can only lead to more “tax and spending” policies. This same policy of backing Staff 100% is what led to 4 straight no-opinion audits and more “tax and spend” policies under the Boettger administration of which Judy Sigwalt was a proud ally!

  5. Liz B

    Myra, Long time no see. Stop by sometime and chat.

    Frank, you make a very good point. Unfortunately, our board seems to believes they are there to support the village staff. At many of the meetings Myra I attended the board members would blindly (without discussion) state they needed to support the staff. The problem is the Mayor (executive) is the one who is responsible for management of the staff. The Board (legislative) is there to manage the finance, property, safety, and welfare of the residents of the community. Therefore, when the board memebers, other than the Mayor, blindly support the village staff, they are failing to do the job they were hired to do. If the Mayor blindly supports the village staff he is not doing his job either. I don’t know about you, but I have worked for many companies, and I never had a Manager that did not question my work. In the end, he was responsible and he had to be convinced that established policies were followed and that the outcome produced by my work was in the best interest of the company.

    I personally believe that Brad is a good guy and that his intent is honorable. However, when you lie down with a dog that has flies you wake up with flies. If we don’t get some of the longtimers who are jaded off the board, Brad, as well as Carpentersville, will never get a chance to make the changes we desperately need.

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