He removes the “trust” from trustee.

At tonight’s Village Board Meeting, Gloria Van Cleave raised the topic of a Trustee on Carpentersville Village Board, who owed her a TITLE, during “public comment.”. She said how can anyone “trust” a Trustee, who has with-held a TITLE from her for over two years.
Mrs. Van Cleave did hand the Village Clerk a couple of copies of the “Bill of Sale” contract that Trustee Paul Humpfer signed on June 20, 2007.
As mentioned before https://carpentersvilleplayhouse.wordpress.com/2009/12/05/1888/ He has consistantly lied about the status of the TITLE.
Now he lies to the Illinois State Police and the Secretary of State Office. He told the Investigator from the State Police, that Gloria never attempted to call or get a hold of him concerning the TITLE. More LIES! Yes and he also told the investigator that there’s a 18 month “statue of limitations” on this crime he committed.
AND, we trust this creep who is Chairman of the Finance Committee? This guy can’t even straighten out his own finances, let alone trying to stall a senior citizen with excuses and LIES from knowing the “TRUTH” of said TITLE.


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25 responses to “He removes the “trust” from trustee.

  1. calusinski

    PAUL still owes fed gov back taxes, Jackie file a BK late this year ,Jackie said the judge ask for back taxes info Paul has not file in last 4/7 years so Gloria will have to stand line or wait to he has to pay fed gov then Gloria will get her money unless he is in jail, who knows he could pay off judge and get out this one to good luck GLOIRA , you will need it.

  2. FS

    What is it with our elected officials in Kane County? We have a Kane County Chairperson who gives herself 200% pay raises, a fifteen year veteran of the Senate who doesn’t check with the laws to make sure he adheres to them and he almost gets himself thrown off the ballot. We have a nutjob Senator on the Democratic side and a nutjob Senator on the Republican side. We have Republicans becoming Democrats, Democrats becoming Republicans. No use debating which party will screw you. They both will.

  3. If Paul Humpfer is that far behind in paying his Federal Income taxes or hasn’t filed, he should resign from his position as Chairman of the Finance Committee.


    • carpentersville

      Why should Humpfer resign? Isn’t that one of the prerequisites to become a White House Cabinet Member?

      * Republican Senator Judd Gregg withdrew from consideration on February 12 citing political differences with the Democratic president. Gregg was Obama’s second pick for commerce secretary after New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdrew in the face of a legal inquiry.

      * Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle withdrew his name from consideration as Health and Human Services secretary on February 3 amid questions over tax errors that prompted him to pay $140,000 in back taxes. Obama then nominated Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to oversee the healthcare system.

      * Obama chose Democratic Representative Hilda Solis of California for Labor Secretary. She was confirmed by the full Senate, but only after questions about her husband’s unpaid business taxes had put her confirmation hearing on hold.

      * Nancy Killefer, Obama’s choice to oversee budget and spending reform, withdrew on February 3 because of tax problems. She stepped aside the same day Daschle’s withdrew.

      * Timothy Geithner was confirmed as treasury secretary by a vote of 60-34 on January 26 despite questions about late payment of some taxes. He previously served as head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

      See it’s a way to get to the Top! Just ask Geithner. He He


      • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, look at Richard pointing out how much Paul Humpfer is like a Democrat, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

        Richard, is that the best defense you can come up with to defend a CPA who loves to do tax returns for all his buddies, but can’t seem to do his own? The same guy who can’t seem to come to grips with his own financial problems, but wants to run Carpentersville’s finances? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

        The same guy who claimed at the Public Works “Special Meeting” that it would appear that the new Public Works Building will probably be under budget, yet now the same Public Works Building aka PALACE is now going to be over a MILLION DOLLARS over the original 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS for the “poison pill” and 12 MILLION DOLLARS for the original plan. How much more will we pay? Nobody knows!

        Yep, that Paul Humpfer who always claims to be a “financial conservative” is just another “tax and spend” politician.

        Oh….and I’m so proud to have his fellow trustees cutting the fat out of our next year fiscal mess, YES! STOP THE FIREWORKS! Save $ 7500! Great sacrifice Village Board! Meanwhile, we’re going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in the RED next year.

        …and they’ll continue with a HUGE spending program to deliver a PALACE for Bob Cole, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

        Hey Richard tells us more about Humpfer and his qualifications to be a Democratic White House Cabinet Appointee, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!


  4. calusinski

    Hay did you know Paul worked at a Carnival in 1970’s and 1980’s, Before he saw Jackie,he was a carine.CK COURT REC IN THEIR BK. Or ask Paul yourself,maybe that is why Gloria is not get her money or car title,yes/no I say yes that is it.Good luck now you know why he has to pay up.

  5. Dave Reece

    “almost kicked off the ballot”? He is kicked off the ballot. “Democrats becoming Republicans”? I don’t recall that happening, if you meen Stan Hickrod, I did a favor for a guy who I thought was a friend and a straight arrow, reaching out for the sake of Party Building. I still think he is more qualified and would be a better Coroner than the current Coroner, but I was wrong about the friend and straight arrow part. Thats the way it goes sometimes. Our Democratic State Senator Mike Noland and State Rep. Keith Farnham are doing a great job bringing our Tax Dollars back to our community where they belong, that is much more than you can say about the previous Republicans in the same Districts in fact Republican Steve Rauschenberger was the ” Budget meister” for Republican Governors Ryan and Edgar that pushed Pension obligation’s off for ten years that has created over $ 7 Billion of the projected $ 9.7 Billion debt the State has, and on the westside we have two long time do-nothings Republicans Chris Lausen and Tim Schmitz. Boy FS you really need to do your homework, your just shooting off your mouth because your pissed off nobodys falling for your wacky rhetoric and you don’t have any crediability and its eating away at you, so you start to drink more but it only fuels your anger and it makes you say and do stupid things and you start to lash out at the world for any little thing and you…….what am I saying…..Your just nuts dude.

    Merry Christmas you big Knuckelhead.

  6. Keith Farnham is the REAL straight-shooter and will win re-election easily.

    BUT, our illegal alien supporter Noland will lose his re-election, if the Republicans get their shit together.

    Ruth Munson, even with the Republican bosses giving her over $200,000 will lose. Another pro-illegal alien supporter biting the dust.


  7. Dave Reece

    Frank, you clearly are not dealing with a full deck. Mike Noland a illegal alien supporter? You are totally wrong and it is quite clear that you are a Racist and your facination with Adolph Hitler and the Nazi/Neo-Nazi movement is obvious. Rauschenberger and Munson are clearly illegal alien supporters, they are Republicans they represent the rich who helped bring them here in the first place to work cheaply in their factory’s with no benefits and to help with union busting. Lets think about this, what political party is against the increase of minimum wage, against orginized labor, against healthcare benefits for workers and for taxing the middle and lower income class so the rich pay very little tax? The Republicans thats who, and Steve Rauschenberger is a perfect example of that, born with a silver spoon in his mouth that was handed a business that was built up through several generations only to be bankrupt in a very short time under his leadership. He is a bumbling incompetent fool and is responsible for three quarters of our State debt. Rauschenberger has never worked a hard honest day in his life and would not know Fiscal Responsibility if it bit him on the ass. I will never forget a few years back at the 4Th of July parade in Elgin when Rauschenberger (who had at least 1 D.U.I.) was walking around and showing off his “friends don’t friends vote Democratic” t-shirt, I personally warned him that that would harm down the road in the long run. Who’d thought it would happen so quickly. Aparently he doesn’t have any friends.

  8. Dave Reece

    Republicans do have their shit together, its just all shit.

  9. Dave Reece

    Richard you are just way out there. Is your post suppose to have some point? You are drifting away from the local political discussion, you know the liars, cheaters and criminals you helped get elected.
    Why is it guy like you who doesn’t have a pot to piss in and obviously employment challenged a Republican who obviously supports even corrupt Republicans. If the corrupt bunch ( the Village Board) decided to switch Political Partys today would you still support them? I’m just curious.

    • Richard is just the same like you Dave, partisan garbage in, partisan garbage out.

      Both parties are to blame for the mess in Illinois and at the Federal level.


  10. Oh Geezes! Dave, you are one partisan ding-bat. You were in the forefront with supporting illegal aliens, just like your friend Noland.

    It’s no secret that Noland’s wife is a supporter of rights to illegal aliens and Noland is in the same catagory.

    So what about Rauschenburger’s [1] DUI, we all make mistakes and he has learned from them. Yep, he screwed up with voting Democratic and now he’s out of the race. The same thing happened to a Democratic candidate and now it’s the Democrats turn for revenge.

    Not all Republicans and especially Democrats can be painted with one large brush stroke as you would like to do. Your just looking after your self-interests, since you run the Dundee Township Democratic Party.

    Your simplistic partisan attacks are just that, partisan.


  11. Rumor Has It

    Dave Reece,
    Stan is the Man……Just ask your wife!

  12. KFC

    Rumor has it…… She’s Finger Lickin Good!

  13. Richard

    Nothing like a little name calling to liven up the party.

  14. Dave Reece

    Stan Hickrod a man? Ask my wife? Illegal alien supporter? are you serious? Is that the best you can come up with? Now I know you little boys are running scared. Everybody knows about Hickrods problems with women and his problems maning-up to anything, Ya know just like you boys, chicken shit cowards.

  15. Dave Reece

    Brenda, I meen Frank, were is your proof that I support illegal immigration, I do not, I support solving the problem in a LEGAL and HUMANE way, NOT the illegal, un-Constitutional, Nazi type way that you racist proposed that would Bankrupt the Village with Lawsuits and cause great harm to its Taxpayers, you know like the $ 30 million dollar Lawsuit we are dealing with now because of the Racial Profiling policy put in place by Fire Chief John Schuldt, who also is involved deeply with the 4 years of no-opinion Audits and by the way appointed Bob Cole Director of Public Works.

    • Dave, like usual you like to put spin to your support to illegal aliens.

      As far as the lawsuit against our fine paramedics is concerned, that so-called incidence happened “before” the discussion on any type of “ordinance” against the illegal aliens who steal jobs from Americans.
      Leave it to you, to use the death of a child for politics.

      More spin from the political hack Dave Reece.


  16. Dave Reece

    Stick to the subject matter that has been posted, you are drifting away and running from the truth like a little boy who got caught stealing.

  17. Dave, you sorry excuse of a man. You point your crooked fingers and fling shit at anyone who ain’t in your camp.

    Go look at yourself in the mirror and ask GOD to forgive you for throwing stones at others.

    It’s no wonder that you got creamed in the last election. I did thought you’d win the Dog Catcher position though.


  18. Dave Reece

    Frank, that sounds REAL creditable comming from a convicted thief and liar like yourself. Didn’t you get caught stealing checks from one of your many employers? The only thing I am posting is the truth and the hard questions, it might seem and hurt like stones to a lying wimp like yourself.
    You can’t change History, Frank, the $30 million dollar Lawsuit came after your groups attempt at the un-constitutional Ordinance that you speak of.
    Again ,another big lie from Frank Stoneham.
    I find it very interesting that 5 days after I posted tough questions concerning the 4 years of no-opinion Audits as well as my opinion (which I am entitled to as a concerned Taxpayer) on 2 local Websites, $400,000.oo magically was deposited in one of the Villages Funds. The deposit was from a untracable account (possibly off shore). The Village Manager obviously was very shakened and perplexed by the deposit and had no explanation for it. Then last summer, I happen to hear a caller on a AM Radio station (I can’t remember which station) bring up the mysterious $400,000.00 deposit, the next thing I hear Fire Chief John Schuldt ( was Village Manager for a good portion of the no-opinion Audit era) is freaking out and threating to file a Lawsuit against anybody who dare ask anymore questions or state any opinions about what happened during the no-opinion Audit period. The embattled Fire Chiefs suspicious over the top response did not go un-noticed. For someone who is supposedly a ” fiscal conservative” I would think you would be concerned about what is going on with our Tax dollars, but apparently you are not. Its is you that is the political hack and is spinning the lies and deception. Obviously you do not have a educated response ,that is why you resort to personal attacks and childish name calling, that is really weak.

  19. Dave Reece

    Come on Frank, you still have a chance at redemtion by telling the F.B.I. and the I.R.S. what you know. You could be a hero and turn your life around. Who knows maybe I can help you fill out a candidate’s petition the right way (you know, without the forgery’s) and actually get on the ballot next time around, but there is still the problem with your extensive criminal record, which is not insurmountable, but difficult, you really have to prove you have turned your life around. I know it would really make your current wife (if you are still married to her) very happy. She seemed like a very nice person, you are lucky to have her.

  20. Now, now, Davey-boy, never stole a check from anyone ever.

    But for you Dave it’s not about facts, nope. It’s about trying to tarnish one’s character. You have over the last 10 years told a shitload of lies and distortions, especially if that someone happens not to be in your tiny circle of nutjobs.

    Dave, you’re a sick puppy!

    Yes Dave, we all heard that long message you left on Stan Hickrod’s voice mail, too funny! Yep, you accused Hickrod, Fahey, myself and many others of planting those funny “Dave Reece for Dog Catcher” signs and stealing your campaign signs. Oh yeah, you accused all of us as being drunks and Fahey, being a “IRISH DRUNK!” The message was full of swear words, accusations, threats and other typical b.s. from a clown like yourself. It’s no wonder you have never been or will ever be elected to public office.

    You are the joke of Dundee Township. You should just resign your position as Democratic Chairman and committeeman of Dundee Township. You only hurt Democrats and help the Republicans. Perhaps, if you bought some over-sized floppy shoes, get a orange bozo wig with a big red ball for your nose, people might elect you as CLASS CLOWN! ha-ha

    As far as my wife and daughter are concerned, they immediately called the Carpentersville Police when you came to my house with Village President Bill Sarto [I wasn’t home] and threatened my wife and daughter that you’d have me arrested for some imaginary crime! You threw about 30 campaign signs on my front lawn that you had ripped out of the ground, which alarmed and frightened my daughter. You are a sick individual.

    Why don’t you go away and pull the wings off of flies or something on that magnitude, instead of trying to concoct stories of how our firemen and paramedics are racists. Again, trying to use a tragedy of a child for political gain shows the level of mudslinging you are capable of.

    Those 4 years of no-opinion audits, it’s HISTORY! Why didn’t your fellow bozo Bill Sarto [Democrat] and monkee chaser Linda Sliwinski [Democrat] demand a forensic audit? They had 4 years to try to force that issue. Well maybe not the monkee chaser Linda, since she was so busy trying to help illegal aliens to get a free ride at the expense of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.

    Davey-boy, my neanderthal friend, you are a joke and a buffoon. A dangerous buffoon who loves to stalk his supposed enemies and chase women across fields with box cutters. Yep, Dave you’re a real man alright and you do so love to call the police when you have to go face to face with a man. Oh…did I include COWARD with my name-calling?


  21. It seems like a few people miss being on the blogs of Bill Sarto and Chryssipus, both of which are stone-cold dead now. At least they’ve found a new home here.

    David, you don’t have to hide the next time you see me passing through C’Ville. You seem to be afraid that I’m going to beat you up. Rest assured that while you find me very physically intimidating, I have no interest in using my physique against you, unless you tried to come at me with a gun.

    Merry Carpentersville’mas

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