Public Works Building, already over-budget?!?!

Even before Carpentersville digs a hole for Bob Cole’s Palace, it’s going over budget. How much? Well, nobody knows just yet, but at least $700,000 to $2,000,000. AND that’s before construction!
It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trustee Paul Humpfer, who also happens to be the Chairman of the “Tax and Spend” Committee is the champion of all this excess spending. Yep, he and the rest of the Village Board, who either promised in their campaign or were against this huge spending program during the Sarto administration as not being wise. BUT, now they have closed ranks and want to go on a over budget spending spree!
Mr. Humpfer said that he’ll go and find the Federal grants to help fund this extravagant palace for Bob Cole’s trucks and his deserving employees, yet he can’t find a vehicle TITLE for a vehicle he sold to a senior citizen over TWO YEARS ago! He’ll face a Judge on January 29, 2010
Who can we trust on this Village Board? Those who lied and deceived the public, during their recent campaign in April? Those who backed those who ran on LIES? These politicians are just your run of the mill types, who lied to get elected.
they have committed themselves to raising taxes and fees, during a severe recession. Just wait until next year boys and girls, when our Village Board decides to raise Sewer and Water fees. That’s just going to be the beginning of years of tax increases and a decline in our “CASH RESERVES.”
The “tax and spenders” say they’re moving this Village forward! More like moving forward into fiscal insanity!


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4 responses to “Public Works Building, already over-budget?!?!

  1. Ed Ritter

    No matter how much you whine, Mr. Stoneham, you are completely harmless.

  2. Yes, this is true I’m harmless.

    …by the way Grant, can’t you be a just tad more entertaining?

  3. Nate Spain


    I wish to congratulate Ed Ritter and the village Board members on their decision to go forward with the Public Works building!! When I was a member of the Audit & Finance Commission I did not always agree with Ed and some of the other members. However, it took courage for Ed, Paul and the others to vote to support Bob cole and his recommendations after running on a platform of fiscal responsibility. They had found out that “governing” is a whole different kettle of fish that running for office. So Frank, “suck it up” and find another cause.

    Nate Spain

  4. Sorry Nate, but during these troubled times, while other Villages are cutting staff and putting large expenses on ice, Carpentersville is going on a spending spree that will result in large tax increases for the next couple of years. Anyone who thinks that we’ll start seeing large increases in revenue from Carpentersville’s tax base is either dreaming or is out of touch with reality.

    Right now our Trustees have used a 1.3 million dollar “poison pill” that came from our cash reaserves. They will further decrease our cash reserves to prevent a huge increase in taxes, since elections will be coming. This will be followed by increases in other fees such as Sewer and Water fees.

    Where was the competitive bidding for the new Public Works Building? By that I mean, was there any other Developer considered besides Williams Architects for Architects Services/ Williams Construction Management Services? How did they get their exclusive foot in the door? Was there “competitive bidding” for said job?

    Where was the transparency? How could the present Village Board go from NOT wanting this multi-million dollar project to saying this has to be the number 1 priority? How can you flip/flop from one extreme to another, without having the public invited to discuss such a great undertaking?

    Nope, they slid this Palace below the radar of the families of Carpentersville, since they knew that this would cause an uproar.

    How much further can we draw down our “cash reserves”, before it affects our bond rating?

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