used car 2Welcome to Paul Humpfer’s premium pre-driven cars! Where you always save money.

L7M1OCAZFBAI0CA0HU9RBCATM2JBXCA2UG6GZCAPGFM1VCAZXAAESCAOTI4V1CA66033XCATX31DWCA0YPWX6CAWIA2R3CAMYLO5DCAUSNLS8CAL6NEQVCAQ2M2UJCAMVF4Z3CACEV986CAX5G5LOCA3KPSO6We accept all major credit cards, checks, cash and your first born. We’ll even finance you, with good credit, no credit or bad credit.

6OW7DCA4E3CYZCASXKATZCA8P7STMCAUNSOFKCA7KAG4NCAYL5C21CA8SE0EXCA2ZTEJ9CA2A2YCUCAG97OJKCA8G34I3CAEOOHPDCAIRLHB1CAIR5Z01CATY9GUUCAJJJ5PECA2LWL3SCA29GVYICALCZK14You’ll never be pressured to buy one of our fine vehicles, nope. Maybe conned into one, but never pressured!

used_car_salesman 9

So come on down to Carpentersville’s one and only Humpfer’s Auto Sales and test drive one of our beauties. Test drive one of our pre-driven vehicles today and we’ll give you a FREE key ring!!!



You won’t find a more friendly and honest group of sales people.

And remember, all our vehicles go through a rigid 10,587 points check up with our experienced certified mechanics.

TMKM2CAO1D17VCAQLWPTICA2A3YQLCAXZ1Z65CARDQW3HCA93HJBPCAR4BK5MCAPDNQ07CA3ETV4YCA2PEO3QCAJ4XM2ZCA762T3ICA1QYY7OCAXF5YZCCAYIDS4OCAYSJUXWCAHUYFWHCAWMRU5LCABJDWXLOur special “Humpfer Guarantee” will last as long as your vehicle stays parked in your driveway! YES! Come on down and get HUMPFERED!


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  1. Tom

    Well the poison pill is taking affect.Village of cville is 1.5 million in debt.Thats the check for the palace.Cant get it back!Now lay off the fireman.Well i guess its just show the people of cville the board wants the fire dept not to lose a foundation.Well after every fire the fire dept saved every foundation of a house fire!Till now.

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