Decriminalize Paul?



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16 responses to “Decriminalize Paul?

  1. Judy Sigwalt

    Mr. Stoneham, you of all people should talk — your own last name has the word “Stone”-ed! Your first name is synonymous with a “weiner,” which is what stoned people crave! You’ll never get a seat on the Village Council – I RUN THIS CITY!

  2. Myra

    After reading Judy’s comment I can see why the Village of C’ville is in such a mess. I have been enlightened though. I did not know that she was the one and only who runs this city. Election time is not far away. Remember to get out there and vote. Judy and Paul are both up for re-election or NOT. We need change not people running this village that talk, act and only care about themselves.

  3. Tom Bruell

    To the people of cville.In stead of building a new truck barn.The village shoul build a wall for all the crooked trustees .They claim to own the village.Just who do they work for us our themselfs?All the people of the village own it not just a few self centered people.

  4. carpentersville

    Myra, I can tell you as Co-Author of this childish Blog that the Judy Sigwalt who commented earlier is really “Grant pain in the Ass Crowel” His Immaturity shows when posting comments on someone else’s behalf. He’s a disgruntled X resident of Carpentersville who helped Bill Sarto get elected.

  5. YES RICHARD! It’s “childish” when someone berates a LYING Trustee like Paul Humpfer.

    This scumbag says he’ll find Federal grants to offset the costs to the taxpayers for Bob Cole’s Palace for his deserving employees, but can’t find a TITLE for a vehicle he sold to Gloria Van Cleave for way over TWO YEARS!

    The next election is in the Spring of 2011. We’ll get rid of these LYING, TAX and SPENDERS.


  6. carpentersville

    Did anyone hear of a Lost Title? It’s easy to get a duplicate title anyone try that? Or Is Carpentersvilleplayhouse the new DMV?

  7. Richard, have you’ve been reading the Paul “Lying Tax and Spender” Humpfer articles by me? Have you’ve been sharing the same Bong as Humpfer?

    Tell you what Richard, since you’re as dense as lead and need a wake up call. I’ll call the Van Cleaves in a few minutes and let them place a comment here at the Carpentersville Playhouse. Obviously, you ignored Gloria’s attempt to fill you in personally about Paul’s foot dragging on this TITLE.

    Your “blind faith” in the vindictive behavior of Paul Humpfer is blinding you. The guy is an ass!


  8. carpentersville

    Oh I’m sorry Frank,

    I took a few minutes to look at what’s going on here to find more ramblings. I haven’t had time to do anything except to prepare for a Funeral for one of our Parents and to wish you a Happy Birthday!

    Keep up the good fight!


  9. That Girl

    Richard, I’m so sad about your loss.

    As Frank has written, he has communicated to you about my willingness to talk to you personally. That still holds true.

    Please consider my invitation to explain the situation with Mr. Humpfer. Peace be with your family.

    Talk to you soon,

  10. Hopefully, Richard will take you up on your offer Gloria.


  11. Erin

    I just can not believe that Richard would go out of his way to defend a fraudster like Paul Humpfer.

    Humpfer needs to resign his position as trustee. He is an embarassment to Carpentersville. You can bet that I will use my vote and so will my neighbors to get rid of this criminal.

    • Myra

      The more and more people I talk to feel the same way you do Erin. The trick is for everyone to get out there and vote. Spread the word.

  12. Myra and Erin,

    Go to the next Village Meeting on Dec. 1 at 7:30

    I’ll be writing an article in the next couple of days about the upcoming meeting.


  13. Myra

    Dont think I can make tuesday’s mtg but would appreciate an update.

  14. MBB

    In reading much of the cville blogs, one thing is very clear, many folks in cville have personal issues and significantly low levels of self esteem! Individuals that are so engaged in personal attacks of their village representatives that they spend hours/days on the task of blogging as they opine in a negative and sophmoric manner. I offer a sincere and humble suggestion….redirect your focus in a productive and positive manner. Spend your personal time volunteering in the community! Help those in need, particularly children and the elderly who are our neighbors and truly need us! LEAD BY EXAMPLE. A very elemntary lesson that many never learned.

  15. Why the personal attack? My, my your “passive aggressive” insults is your attempt at what? To defend this lying Village Board? To defend their “tax and spend” policies, during this horrible economic times?

    …or is it to defend Trustee Paul Humpfer who continues NOT to hand over a vehicle TITLE that no longer belongs to him?

    This Village Board has done everything at the very beginning to hide from the public, their BIG PLAN to shove a very expensive project SECRETLY down the throats of the taxpayers of Carpentersville. They knew from the Sarto administration that the families of Carpentersville did not want to spend millions of dollars on a palace for Bob Cole’s trucks. So, they developed a plan in collusion with STAFF and devised a 1.3 million dollar “poison pill.” Sorry boys and girls, it’s too late to back down now or we’ll lose that money. BRILLIANT!

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