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used car 2Welcome to Paul Humpfer’s premium pre-driven cars! Where you always save money.

L7M1OCAZFBAI0CA0HU9RBCATM2JBXCA2UG6GZCAPGFM1VCAZXAAESCAOTI4V1CA66033XCATX31DWCA0YPWX6CAWIA2R3CAMYLO5DCAUSNLS8CAL6NEQVCAQ2M2UJCAMVF4Z3CACEV986CAX5G5LOCA3KPSO6We accept all major credit cards, checks, cash and your first born. We’ll even finance you, with good credit, no credit or bad credit.

6OW7DCA4E3CYZCASXKATZCA8P7STMCAUNSOFKCA7KAG4NCAYL5C21CA8SE0EXCA2ZTEJ9CA2A2YCUCAG97OJKCA8G34I3CAEOOHPDCAIRLHB1CAIR5Z01CATY9GUUCAJJJ5PECA2LWL3SCA29GVYICALCZK14You’ll never be pressured to buy one of our fine vehicles, nope. Maybe conned into one, but never pressured!

used_car_salesman 9

So come on down to Carpentersville’s one and only Humpfer’s Auto Sales and test drive one of our beauties. Test drive one of our pre-driven vehicles today and we’ll give you a FREE key ring!!!



You won’t find a more friendly and honest group of sales people.

And remember, all our vehicles go through a rigid 10,587 points check up with our experienced certified mechanics.

TMKM2CAO1D17VCAQLWPTICA2A3YQLCAXZ1Z65CARDQW3HCA93HJBPCAR4BK5MCAPDNQ07CA3ETV4YCA2PEO3QCAJ4XM2ZCA762T3ICA1QYY7OCAXF5YZCCAYIDS4OCAYSJUXWCAHUYFWHCAWMRU5LCABJDWXLOur special “Humpfer Guarantee” will last as long as your vehicle stays parked in your driveway! YES! Come on down and get HUMPFERED!


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Decriminalize Paul?


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Judge Pirro wants to hear the case too!

Gloria Van Cleave, who has been victimized by Carpentersville Trustee Paul Humpfer, has just received a call from the Producers of The Judge Jeanine Pirro Show from the Fox Network.

Paul, please stop victimizing Gloria and accept the invitation from Judge Pirro. Why do you want to drag this trial another 3 months? Do you claim that it’s YOU that is the victim?

Seems like the excuses of rapists who claim that she asked for it.

Let’s end the drama and suspense Mr. Humpfer, agree to the offer and let it be decided sooner, instead of later.

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Fanatics never give up!

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Take a bite out of Crime!

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Would you like fries and a drink with that?


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Paul Humpfer on Judge Judy Show?!?!


Gloria Van Cleave who has been waiting for the TITLE of the vehicle for way over 2 years now has received an express letter from the Producers of JUDGE JUDY of T.V. fame.

Apparently they got word of the case in Small Claims Court and now want to do a show on her problems with Carpentersville Trustee Paul Humpfer! Tee-hee, now that’s funny!

Check out the letter on the link provided:


Nothing like putting Carpentersville back in the news.

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