Trustee Humpfer wants TRIAL!

Yes boys and girls, Carpentersville Trustee and Finance Chairman wants a trial. He figures that he owes Gloria Van Cleave NOTHING! He didn’t even have a TITLE for Gloria!

So, now we have a trial date of January 29th, 2010. YES! Gloria must wait another THREE MONTHS to at least receive  a TITLE! Another THREE MONTHS of plowing snow around a vehicle, which she can not sell, drive or insure against vandalism.


What does Mr. Humpfer have to hide?!?!

Is he being strictly VILE and VINDICTIVE?!?!

Or is it that the bank still has the TITLE? Hnmmm…

This isn’t half the story, stay tuned for more on Carpentersville Playhouse! YES! Boys and girls, we’ll remove the “trust” from TRUSTEE soon!



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7 responses to “Trustee Humpfer wants TRIAL!

  1. mbc

    Can’t wait for rest of story. Remember he’ll be up for election soon.

  2. Tom Bruell

    Maybe paul is waiting for the new public work building to fix the van with village money cause he cant afford a title or afford a law suit.Why dont paul buy back the van. than he could use it for hitting pratice with his baseball bat.Instead of swinging at people paul could use the van.

  3. It’s obvious that Paul has issues. Is it financial? Is it mental? Why doesn’t Paul Humpfer give the TITLE to Gloria Van Cleave? Why does he come up with all type of excuses?

    This public servant [ or does the public serve his needs] is a compulsive liar and this delay tactic of his, shows he’s not to be trusted. He should immediately resign his position as Chairman of the Finance Committee. How can any Trustee and the Village President of Carpentersville come to any other conclusion? OR, will they round the wagons and defend this LIAR?


  4. Mr. Stoneham, I have had it with your lies. Either cease your comments or you may expect to hear from my attorney, with a lawsuit for defamation.

  5. Too funny! Is that you Grant?


  6. Grant Crowell

    No habla ingles, señor Stoneham.

  7. Dave Reece

    Humpfer you have long ago defamed yourself, you don’t have a case. By the way since your in the loop my suggestion for you is to find a good defense Attorney.

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