Trustee Humpfer going back to Court!


Carpentersville Trustee Paul Humpfer is going back to Court, nope, he didn’t whack anyone with a bat. He sold a vehicle to an unsuspecting victim, over TWO fucking years ago! I know, I know, what’s the problem here and why swear!?!? Well boys and girls, How would you like to buy a car and you can’t drive it, you can’t sell it and you can’t even junk it, since you haven’t received a TITLE for said vehicle!

Here we have an elected official and Chairman of the “Tax and Spend” Committee who sold a vehicle and can’t come up with a TITLE for the buyer. The poor plaintiff who constantly hounded Mr. Humpfer for said TITLE, received all sorts of excuses from this swindler! As explained on this link:

The victim of this crime had to finally resort to filing a complaint against Mr. Humpfer for restitution. Trustee Humpfer was served with a summons on October 20th at Village Hall at around 7:20 pm. His Court date is October 30, 2009 at 9 am. At the CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SIXTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT KANE COUNTY, ILLINOIS

It really, really makes you wonder, if this vehicle was his to sell to begin with. Did he try to sell a vehicle that belonged to his wife? After all this happened after the fallatio incident between Paul Humpfer’s wife and Trustee Judy Sigwalt’s son. Quite a hummmm dinger!

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One response to “Trustee Humpfer going back to Court!

  1. Dennis Carr

    Interesting, perhaps that is why I did not want anything to do with this site……..Swearing has no place in a “public” forum, regardless of what ANYONE does!

    It is disgusting and vile…….

    There are plenty of ways to get a point across, I know, I have used them myself…….

    Of course now that I have commented on this the low life will attempt to belittle me because I said the “N” word and spend some time in Kane County jail, of course he never loses his temper, that is why he was arrested for threatening another low life……!

    I learned from my mistake, I always do, that is why I refuse to comment on this site before, it just ain’t worth it to hate too much, it eats at your soul and destroys your image with rational people that understand how to communicate without swearing….

    Love and kisses kiddo!

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