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High Rollers, Snake Eyes?!?!





The Village Board has already said that your taxes will go up, but how much? Trustee and #1 number cruncher of this Village Board Paul Humpfer doesn’t know. So, I guarantee you that the rest of this Village Board doesn’t know either. Carpentersville Finance Director Lisa Happ doesn’t know. Hmmm, but they continue pushing this multi-million dollar palace for Public Works?!?!



What’s so scary about this scheme is that Kane County has already sent homeowners their new assessments, which plainly shows that property values have declined. Next year, you’ll receive your reassessment from Dundee Township and I guarantee you that it will definetely show all our property values have plummeted. So, that means our property taxes will go down, right? Nope! The Village of Carpentersville would see less revenue from this decline in property values, so they must and will raise taxes again to keep paying off all those bonds that Carpentersville has. At least our Village Board gets those monthly paychecks from the taxpayers to help pay for those extra taxes that this Village will impose on the struggling families of Carpentersville. 


Yes, let’s place our priorities on the welfare and comfort of Public Works employees. I’m sure this Village Board knows what’s best for Carpentersville and those whining taxpayers. That’s one of the reasons why this Village Board passed that poison pill at the cost of 1.3 million dollars without a public hearing. Sort of the Father knows best thing, I guess.


With elections only about 18 months from now, what will those who’ll run for re-election do to “stifle” the complaints about the increase in taxes, in these troubled economic times?


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