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High Rollers of C’ville!


Board05-09YES! These high rollers need to gamble now with our tax money or the odds will go against us later!



 They claim that the U.S. Treasury will come to Carpentersville’s rescue, when they start throwing millions of dollars to the Public Works building. No, they don’t know how much FREE MONEY is coming our way, but it will come. No, they really don’t know how much money will come are way, but IT WILL COME!


Money will come falling down from Washington D.C., because Trustee and Chairman of the Finance Committee Paul Humpfer says so! Makes you really, really wonder why these free-spending Republicans think that the Democratic controlled State of Illinois and Federal government would want to bail these so-called fiscal conservative hypocrites out?

I guess it really doesn’t matter, since they claim they have the winning hand in landing all this FREE MONEY!


So, they’re ready to bet the entire house!



BUT, is there a chance we could lose our shirts, umm, errr, well you know what I mean.

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