Pat Schultz, Reformer or Hypocrite?


During the dark days of the Boettger & Sigwalt administration, when “No-Opinion Audits” were just as common as handing out candy on Halloween and collusion among Village Board members to stifle dissent was justified to move Carpentersville “FORWARD.” It seems that we’re revisiting history.

Back in those Dark Ages, Pat [Patricia] Schultz was among many, who found the tactics of the Boettger/Sigwalt administration as being DICTATORIAL and unhealthy for Carpentersville’s finances and transparency.

Now that she is elected and is part of the political machine, she has embraced the former tactics of the Boettger/Sigwalt administration. She believes “secrecy” is now the best policy. No need for public input from the taxpayers, since the “political machine” knows best!

I guess it proves that evolution is a fact! Politicians, such as Pat Schultz, promises reform and transparency, but once elected they become the monsters that they once fought against.

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