C’ville Officials can see into the future!

money%20houseYes boys and girls, our Village President and Trustees can see into the future! You may call it “Voodoo Economics”, but they call it “Ritter Economics.”

Ritter Economics is based on simple logic. Everything will go up in price, whether it’s material, labor or energy prices. Forget about the last couple years, when property values plummeted, energy prices are dropping and material costs went down. You see with the help of his well-informed Critters and the use of a Crystal Ball, they know that everything will go up in price. YES! Even your property values will start to sky rocket based on the philosophy of Ritter’s Economic forecast!

Even though property values have plummeted, businesses closing and/or losing sale revenues and with over 700 foreclosures and rising. Mr. Ritter and his Critters say that everything will rise in price and we need to act NOW, before we have to pay MORE for Bob Cole’s Palace! Ritter’s Economic theories are based on his use of the Crystal Ball that tells the future of the economic strengths of Carpentersville.

With the help of one of his financial consultants, it clearly shows that NOW is the time to act!

How can you disagree with that, especially when Carpentersville’s very own original Judy “tax and spend” Sigwalt, says we must act now!
Of course, if things do go wrong and Bob Cole’s Palace goes over budget. They’ll just “wag the dog” and blame the Illegal Aliens, tee-hee.

Then we have Brad McFadden our youngest Trustee, who’s a worker for Algonquin Public Works. How did you expect him to vote? He wants the best for Bob Cole’s workers, no need for them to use porto-johns and to eat in some crappie truck. Nope, it’s all about Village employees and their comfort.
Mr. Ritter will make sure that these new bonds being issued will have Brad’s face on it as a tribute for the hard work he does for the benefit of Public Works employees!

Sing along with Brad’s song for Carpentersville, with the link provided.

Coming soon, secrecy is the best policy!

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