The Village Board voted last Tuesday evening to hand over a non-refundable check for 1.3 million dollars to Williams Construction Management and Williams Architects for Architectural Services. The Village Board, without public comment, discussion and debate passed this “poison pill,” so if the taxpayers decided that building a 12 million dollar plus palace for Bob Cole’s Public Works trucks and employees was not what Carpentersville’s taxpayers were willing to pay for, we’d have to eat the 1.3 million dollar check. A brilliant political move by Ritter and his Critters.

No need to waste the time of the families who’ll pay for this palace for Bob Cole, besides we all know that the average taxpayer wouldn’t know what is best for Carpentersville.

You see Village President Ed Ritter said that this project will move this Village forward. No need to have any stupid and uninformed questions from the citizenry. They would of just slowed things down or ask that some idiotic changes be made to the palace, like making it a bit smaller. OR, have a Pole Building erected for his trucks and equipment. Nope, that would’ve of been an insult to Bob Cole and his employees. He wanted a PALACE, with luxurious offices and dining rooms for his employees.

YES! I can see his employees, on the other side of the Village, rushing before their breaks and lunches to get a seat at the fine dining room. I guess will be paying for all that traveling time, so Bob Cole’s employees can sit in a nice warm and/or air conditioned dining room.

You see, Mr. Ritter said at the last Village Board meeting that we need to give the respect that Bob Cole and his employees demand!

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  1. Tom Bruell

    I think with the new truck barn cville should hire a cook to feed the road crew.Put in a indoor pool also.

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