Bob Cole’s Palace!




Here we have a small model of the future Public Works Building, complete with fine Dining facilities, ultra deluxe washrooms with heated toilet seats, air-conditioning, heated garages, royally decorated offices, splendid landscaping and as you can see, a beautiful new landmark of a building.







We’ve overheard that this Public Works Building will be named after Bob Cole, yes what finer tribute to Bob Cole, who has waited decades for his turn to spend a wad of cash on his monument to himself.


Don’t worry though about how we’re financing this palace for Bob Cole’s trucks and employees. You see Bob has been on a fishing expedition for 2 decades to try to pay for his grand vision. The photo below shows Bob Cole landing this beautiful 12 million pound, oops… err, umm dollar bond. No easy feat, no sir! He landed this huge trophy, despite a recession [some of us think depression] a huge foreclosure rate, declining revenue and crumbling infrastructure.




No boys and girls, there’s no turning back now! No sirree, The Village Board just handed over 1 million pounds, ooops, crap, I mean dollars over to the developers and is non-refundable.


Congrats, Bob Cole on your major catch of the day!


Oh….will you be needing a brand new ice maker machine to replace the old one?


Just my thoughts,

Aunt Brenda 

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