United Socialist States Of America



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3 responses to “United Socialist States Of America

  1. carpentersville

    Richard, America’s way of life went down the tubes when President Reagan went after the unions, helped our Corporations move to cheaper labor costs oversees, started cutting taxes on those poor rich folks and increased spending with-out increasing revenue. Voodoo Economics, the cutting of red tape and regulations, which unleashed unbridled greed at the expense of ordinary tax payers.

    President Clinton administration had gotten rid of the Reagan policies and introduced something alien to the Reagan administration….BALANCED BUUDGETS.

    Then we returned to the years of Voodoo Economics and oceans of red ink, under the mismanagement of the Bush/Cheney administration. Let’s see, cut taxes to the wealthy and increase spending and guess what? A return to huge deficits. Eliminate red tape and regulations to Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Giants and we have what we have now, Golden Parachutes for the very same people who destroyed our country’s economy.

    You don’t like Socialism? Social Security and Medicare is Socialism at it’s best. It has prevented millions of senior citizens from extreme poverty and ill health.

    So, now we got to hear propaganda from the very same people who destroyed our economy, so they can cater to those poor wealthy individuals who suckle at the tits of the U.S. Treasury and sucking the life out of the working class.


    • carpentersville

      Ah! The Reagan Days! What a breath of fresh air after coming out of those embarrassing and financially hard Carter Days.

      Huge lines at the Gas stations, US diplomats held Hostage In Iran for 444 days, Operation Desert One rescue attempt that failed because of the cut backs in Military spending. Inflation out of this world,Mortages with rates at 11% and higher.

      Reagan had no choice but to pick up the pieces, that were neglected by the previous administration and there were quite a few. That costs money, and money well spent on rebuilding our Military so We didn’t look like a bunch of penny pinching schmucks in the middle of a desert with outdated equipment and technology. Our guys had No frickin clue on what to do in a sand storm like We do today because of those changes put in place by Reagan.

      Our Military Build up ended up being an arms race that brought the Soviet Union to it’s knee’s, hence Reagan’s debt.

      The cold War effort which the US won, Was responsible for freeing millions of eastern Europeans from Socialism and single party Rule.

      The build up of our Armed forces in the eighties was needed after the Carter Administration failed to keep up our Defenses and it’s needed Technology.

      Today We are a single world power thanks to the efforts of the Reagan Administration otherwise we’d still have the fumbled Military like We had under the Carter administration

      I think the exuberance of the democrats to get houses for all those people that could not afford a down payment let alone monthly payments helped sink us.

      I know Clinton started balancing the budget during the .com explosion, but only after the republicans came into House and Senate majority in 1995.

      What happened During the Bush administration you may want to watch this Video

      where the Democrats blocked any Regulations, like Democrat’s Barney Frank and Schumer and Obama did nothing at that time.

      Now Social Security and Medicare is where You really go off base, Social Security is a Bureaucratic mess along with Medicare. I have extensive personal information on both of those agencies one being from My disabled Wife which is on SSI and is on Medicare and the Other Being My Mother that Died because of the failed Medicare system.

      I am not going to go into details But if you believe what you said about those two agencies Then you have been poorly informed or Youjust don’t know.


  2. MisterHuffstuffler

    I don’t know much about politics but even I know that we have not had a good or great president since Ronald Reagan. I really hope that this bill is repealed and “We the people” are smart enough to rise up and say that “We the people will not stand for this!”

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