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Scenes from Carpentersville Music Festival 09

Saturday was a cool Day for festivities at Carpenters Park,  We had Great performances and a great presentation that kept Us All inspired.







Food Tents







Video feeds



Early arrivals


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Old town Carpentersville Music Festival ’09

The Band Pavilion in Carpenters Park will once again be filled with Musicians for two full days along with other attractions such as a Car show, Food Tents, a Beer Garden,  Kid Zone and a Business Expo. This is a celebration that hasn’t been seen here in Carpentersville for at least a decade. That’s when Cardunal  Jamboree Days was our annual Festival here in Carpentersville.

100_0981 100_0971

This Year thanks to the efforts of Sargon Productions, NASA Education Corporation along with co-operation from Local Carpentersville VFW post 5915 .

We have an opportunity to enjoy a weekend of  watching a variety of Performers, checking out local Food Vendors and other activities.

Sargon is a large promoter of such events with technology never seen here at a Festival.

                                        and    It’s Free

                                            For More Info click below.



          Old Town Carpentersville Music Festival ’09

Carpentersville festival poster

             It’s Free




Car Show Highlights


Here are some of the Bands and their Links for more Information

Six Degrees of Seperation



Six Degrees of Separation




Universal slim and the Blue Kangaroos


Universal Slim and The Blue kangaroos





















Later Daze


Laterdaze Band



No Clear Way

No Clear Way



A Hero Named HopeA hero named Hope1






72 hours



72 Hours




It’s Free, see you there





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Democratic Administration stifles Arizona Sheriff

from the “Washington Times”

Sheriff Arpaio

EDITORIAL: ICE gags sheriff

Illegals freed through Obama policy change

By | Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It was bad enough that federal immigration officials blamed an Arizona sheriff for releasing illegal immigrants when the feds themselves actually had ordered the release. What’s worse is that releasing illegals is becoming official policy and the feds have issued a gag order to try to stop the sheriff from telling the public about it.

The spat between controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) surfaced on July 23 and 24 when the sheriff’s deputies were ordered by ICE officials to release illegal immigrants who had been caught in a broader criminal sweep. Sheriff Arpaio complained to the media; a federal spokesman claimed the release was the sheriff’s fault; and the sheriff then released audiotapes proving that ICE officials, not he, had ordered the release.

Caught looking foolish, ICE officials threatened to withdraw the sheriff’s authority to enforce any immigration laws because the sheriff had violated a ban on contacting the media without first obtaining approval from the Department of Homeland Security, which is ICE’s parent agency.

Yes, you read that correctly: The sheriff was ordered to shut up. To make it clearer, ICE’s principal legal adviser, Peter S. Vincent, wrote to Arpaio attorney Robert Driscoll on July 31 that the sheriff’s department, under the terms of its agreement with ICE, must “coordinate with ICE regarding information to be released to the media regarding actions taken under this memorandum of agreement.”


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United Socialist States Of America


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