Rookie Judge, Noverini causes severe hardship for Carpentersville Resident.


     Judge John Noverini

 On Tuesday November 4th 2008, John Noverini a Carpentersville resident and one term Village Trustee, who I blame for Killing The Cardunal Jamboree Days, was elected Judge even without having any experience which has some now suffering from that inexperience in Judicial affairs.

“So now it was time to go before the judge and, if it wasn’t for bad luck, Nickol would have no luck at all. Most experienced judges would have looked at the case, shaken their heads, given the defendant a stern lecture and let him go. But according to Barsanti, our unfortunate defendant found himself in front of newly elected Judge John Noverini, who has no criminal law background. As is the case with most rookies, he erred on the side of caution, setting bond at $50,000.”

 Read this in the Courier News…………


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7 responses to “Rookie Judge, Noverini causes severe hardship for Carpentersville Resident.

  1. Mike Eaton

    it would seem that this judges inexperience is still following him in family court were he allows false allegations to sway his opinions and judgements … brother was fasly accused of endagering his children by his ex wife….and without investigation he allowed the children to be put into the ex-wife’s home …when she has a record of alcohol and drug abuse….futher more he is also requiring my brother to quit his job( great time for that ) and relocate …closer to the ex wife…which is contrary to another judges decision…correct me if i am wrong but a lateral judge cant over rule another’s ruling …this must be done in the appelate court

  2. My son had to quit his job, in today’s economy crisis, has to move within 30 miles of ex-wife, find a place of residence, was ordered not attend the Church of his choice and is not allowed to bring his two girls down to visit their grandmother, where their original residence was established. Was told to do this if he wanted to keep residental custody of his girls. How can a Judge, who teaches Ethics, force someone to live in the same town, just because the ex-wife said “I WANT HIM TO LIVE IN ______. A Mother who did not show up for her 10 year old daughters surgery, removed this child shortly after surgery, to drive 6 hours to her home after serving my son with a Motion to Protect, charging him with abuse and when in court said that he has never abused the girls. How can a Judge, someone who is suppose to protect our Constitutional Rights, be allowed to sit on a bench of our Judical System and deny someone his Rights to attend a Church of his choice??? Our Attorney and her associates can not believe what has been allowed, neither can I. I WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS IS ALLOW……..This Judge should not be allowed in Family Court. He has no experience in this area of the Law. He has done more damage than good with regards to the Children in this case.

  3. Dave Reece

    Oh boo hoo, poor cry baby Franky, I suppose you would know all about the Law, you have been in Crimminal Court so much over the years.

    Frank, your funny. Do you actually think you have any credibility? I just thought I should check in and get caught up on all the stupid things comming from your pea brain.

  4. What the heck are you talking about Davey-boy? I didn’t write this article.

    Go back to that bottle and get some more courage.

  5. Barb

    This man is the best!

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